Should Engine DJ Forum have an application?

So why have the people who run this page went with an application yet? I’m new here and some of the posts are a few years old so you have had this product for a while. Just a thought for those who don’t use social media, seems really old fashioned to be opening up a application from email? Do you have a product I have missed in the OS?

An application for what?

You mean an app for the phone?


I thought he meant application to join but this makes more sense.

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I have been on this forum since it was opened in 2017 and before that on the old denon forum, not only to troubleshoot my issues but also to help others (means I kinda regulary log on).

I have ZERO interest in installing yet another ios/android app JUST to do that.

Hope that helps developers gauge interest in this from a customer perspective.


Its actually one of the better browser experiences on a mobile I think too, certainly a lot easier to navigate around than a lot of sites.

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I agree, works wonders on my phone (which is probably how I use this site 95% of the time)

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Even the extra mod tools work perfectly on the mobile enhanced version. :relieved:

Wait for it…. Do you write applications?

I find this forum to be one of the worst that I’ve been a part of, I find myself finding more help and info on issues that I have just searching the internet. I’ve been DJing for more than 30 years and have a ton of gear. The Prime 4 is my first DENON product and will be my last. This thing is a mess from the hardware, and software. I waited more than 2 years before buying and the same issues it launched with still exist. Search this forum you won’t find any of it.

What you having problems with?

I’ve found this to be better than most other DJ forums.

Curious to hear about your problems as well - let us hear them, and let’s see if somebody can help out?

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Forums are mostly a place to discus issues, so I’m kinda curious which issue is not showing up in the search.

Then again, if no one has reported is, it must be something for support.

1 Like uses discourse as software for the forum. if you want an app for it, you can use discourse hub:

iOS: ‎Discourse Hub on the App Store



Sorry it’s not working for you, but I have no problems with my prime 4. I love my prime go even more, for all my small events and wedding ceremonies. Keep em dancing!

Not saying you don’t have problems with your Prime 4 but mate: since april 2021 you opened 1 topic and that was about visibility of cue/beat points on Engine waveforms compared with Traktor and about bpm analysis not being good.

And the problem is the forum (members) not being helpful?


There is a search, and all issues I have I searched for answers, read the response given if any. And I most certainly have more than one topic I should have 4. 3 never received a response. The other one had 1 response and that looked to be from another member. I posted having issues with Engine losing all data at that time 5,000+ tracks twice, all back up info as well. I posted that Engine won’t eject the drive, tells me another program is using it. I posted that when editing a track for the BPM the grid just starts to run from left to the right nonstop. So after getting zero help and not finding anything with/in the forums. I look elsewhere and found others have been seeing the same issues.

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TBH, this is getting off-topic and the OP hasn’t even responded to his own topic… Anyway, I must be getting old and my mind blank, but forum statistics state “1 topic created, 4 replies” and I kinda believe those numbers.

If help is still welcomed @DJNightmre , shall I move STU-C’s reply above to your topic here? A few things that need to change in Engine DJ - Engine DJ Software / Engine DJ (Mac & PC) - Engine DJ Community

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I dont see the need for an Forum app at this time. It works (kinda) flawless in my browser (some times theres some log-in hickups) and is easy to navigate in.