Setting up the Link function

Been using the Go for a week now and no issues to report. Works as stated so far for me. I got a cable to link the Go to my X1800 and in less than a minute i got a connection and my SC5000 showed the SD card from the Go. But that’s it, i could not see the drives from the SC5000, and the X1800 is not keeping the sync or beat info from the Go. And no other info is going back to the Go from the other players. The two SC5000’s share the SD card and sync the SD card from the Go fine. Am i missing something in the set up?

I don’t own a GO, but according to Page 11 of the GO manual, the link port is for StageLinq use only, not for parsing data to/from other prime hardware.

“ 5) Link port: use a standard Ethernet cable to connect this port to a computer. Prime GO will send time, bpm and other track data to the compatible StageLinq lighting and video software over this connection. “

That sort of makes sense as hooking a GO up to a existing Playout system would mean you’ve got Two mixers, two pairs of headphones, two crossfaders, and potentiallly an unlimited number of layers all trying to access the hard drive, all trying to sync with each other and so on.

So, that Ethernet link port is for lighting and video sync gear, rather than Engine Connect functions

You actually can ‘engine connect’ from Go to X1800. I have a Prime 2 unit connected this way. You must connect the audio from the Go (either booth or main) to one channel of the mixer and then the Ethernet from the Go to that channels port on the x1800

Yes you can, but it’s definitely not stable yet.

While you can share sources, the X1800 will eventually experience the “two captains on the Engine Connect ship” principle.

Connected SC players will not know which deck they represent either.

Hi Tony13ny, I just wondered how you were getting on with your Prime Go connected to your X1800 mixer? I’m looking at getting a Prime Go and wondered if I could connect it to my X1850 mixer?

Thanks Steve :slightly_smiling_face: