Serato Support?

Hey, do we know if support / integration for Serato DJ Pro is on the horizon? As in to control the software from the Prime 2?


You need to ask Serato. It’s their software.

This is totally up to Denon as the Prime 4 has Serato support… Prime GO and Prime 2 owners (as of this writing) are left wondering… A Denon rep should reply to this… This is a direct Denon question… Is Serato support coming to the Prime GO and to the Prime 2… A simple Yes or No and if Yes then when or if No then why not… IMO… Denon needs to step up more and start replying to members post in situations when only a Denon rep has the answer… It’s the right thing to do.


Weird logic. Serato doesn’t really work that way, manufacturers usually need to announce and agree with Serato even the hardware features before the unit is announced. Remember, Prime 4 was said from beginning by Denon that it will have SDJ support.

No to mention that Serato takes a part of unit price so the cheaper the unit the smaller the chances that there is room for SDJ tax (just look at the price difference between DJM-S3 and 250mk2 to see how much it costs)

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I think i read somewhere that the GO will not be getting any third party support as its a niche product. They keeping that in house.


Weird logic?? I think not… There are tons of low cost high cost Serato supported products such as the Numark dj2go or Party Mix for like $80 to $100… Numark and other companies make a slew of low cost Serato controllers… The cost of the Prime 4 vs cost of the Prime 2 & GO should have nothing to do with it… I do think its unfair a $80 to $100 Numark controller has Serato control and a Prime 2 and GO do not… Unless Denon explicitly chooses to not support Serato on the Prime 2 & GO… Again, my reply was meant for a Denon rep for an actual answer and not just someone’s opinion to stir the pot.


Mufasa… Now that could be possible if it was an Official release by Denon… I’ll have to look around for it. Tnx

I think Pioneer is under cutting, i doubt if the cost of serato is the price difference between the two. Take for example the 80/100 usd numarks, that logic will mean all the money goes to serato.

Could be a percentage of the product MRSP/Street value baked in for a period of time. Say 1 to 2 years post market availability


agree, it definitely varies from unit to unit. probably should have wrote “how much it can cost”, too many new users here :roll_eyes:

sorry snowflake, you are on a public forum, be prepared to hear other peoples opinions often supported by facts. doesn’t mean you have to change your opinion of course buddy :+1:

No problem SlayForGetALife… You and your boys with a million post on here don’t make you right or give you the right to intimidate and flag every post you guys don’t like… How many more post are the mods going to close due you guys. I hope where clear on that snowflake. Now lets get back to the topic

Seriously buddy, nobody will take you or your opinion seriously if you go with that horse manure. “Kmeee, I have nothing clever to say so I will randomly accuse somebody of flagging posts. Maybe make a insult out of his username”. Cut. That. Shaite. What are you, five?

Yes, just because I’m longer on forum that does not make me right. But you would be a fool not pay attention to what any guy/girl with 10+ years of Denon/DJ experience is telling you.

Btw, I think I flagged 2 posts here in 4+ years of this forum. One was definitely Reticuli’s.

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Well in all fairness… You called me snowflake 1st… So don’t expect me to just take that… You started the name calling… All i want is the best for all Denon owners… I want Denon to be ontop and continue to add features that will benefit everyone… Its very frustrating when folks have posted concerns since 2019 and a fix has still not come out… Example… No MIC over the headphones issue… If Denon just answered… Where working on it… Or its not coming out… Not possible… There wouldn’t be so many redundant post… This is a great forum… Lots of good people… I would like to see Denon get more involved… After all, they do have a reputaion of listening to customers feedback.

Ehm not that much tbh.

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I would say: Back to the topic! Lets keep it constructive :relaxed: I am one of the guys desperatedly hoping for SDJ support for the Prime 2. If license costs are an issue, heck, at least SDJ Lite (with the option to upgrade myself).

“Why” some guys may wonder, “Isn’t this meant as Standalone Unit?” Yes, it still is, but nobody forces you to use Serato. Give users the choice.

  • Added flexibility is always a win. Personally I would love to use it standalone for smaller gigs in bars and clubs with 2-3 fixed genres, and switch to Serato for my bigger weddings and birthday partys without the need to buy a seperate controller
  • The Prime 2 is significantly more portable than its bigger brother and thus a great option for mobile DJs that simply dont need more than 2 channels. But especially as mobile/wedding DJ you sometimes require a proper laptop - the 7" screen one on the P2 with only 5-6 track columns is just too limited for many different music genres and requests.
  • The Prime 4, albeit featuring the ‘more standalone-friendly’ bigger 10" screen and thus having less need for an external laptop, interestingly has SDJ support.
  • The Prime 2 is rather expensive compared to the P4, considering it lacks some crucial features like phono/line inputs, Sweep EFX, full Mic and EFX control, Zone Out… and only costs 300-400$ less. So you kinda get punished when opting for the more portable 2ch solution. Same software flexibility like the P4 plus maybe adding sweep EFX via Quick Pulldown menu would probably help the P2 getting a better stand
  • Pioneer users face a similar dilemma for the DDJ-RX2 vs XZ: They get punished if they just want a great 2ch device, which can operate both with Serato and Standalone. Afaik the only device on the market having both is the rather unknown Mixars Primo. So here is a chance to make former Primo/SR/SX/RX/XZ users switch to Denon.
  • Engine has greatly improved, but still scares off some potential switchers. Serato is famous for its stability. People could try out both systems without any fear on the same hardware
  • We would get access to Serato Video

I am playing with the thought of switching to VirtualDJ, but I really don’t want to. Expensive purchase price, (unjustified) bad reputation among professionals, less reliable essential features like beatgrids, no desire to shift my whole collection. So I keep my fingers crossed for a Prime 2 with Serato support in 2021 :slight_smile:


I disagree. If you were to buy all the Serato add-ons required for it to do what VDJ does, you’d end up spending the same. Also, the VDJ purchase is a one-off payment - for life. Once you’ve got it, no more upgrade fees. Ever.

If you’re interested, you can unlock a 30 day VDJ trial, or simply rent it for a month or two first.

Not if I don’t need Serato Video myself or want to decide about this add-on later, same for already purchased expansion packs like PnT or the Effects which I can carry on using. I would definetly never reach 300€ (it’s that much here). If Prime 2 unlocks Serato DJ, the actual costs for me would be zero (Pro) or 99€ (Lite->Pro). Considering much cheaper devices unlock SDJ Pro, a premium device like the Denon should likewise. For its price and lacking additional Ph/Ln inputs, the P2 is rather limited.

In the end this thread is about Serato DJ support request for the Prime 2. I am well aware that VDJ support is already given, but I would rather keep the system I had been succesfully working with for over 7 years, so I am waiting a bit longer for an official statement in that regard. Either Denon+Serato say yay or the say nay. Then I gonna decide which way to go. As the Prime 4 got support, I think the Prime 2 as the more portable but still rather pricy unit deserves the same treatment.


As an owner of the DDJ-SX that still working great but getting booring, Serato DJ support for the Prime2 sounds tempting. The only Denon alternatives including this plus Standalone are the Prime4 and MCX8000. The Prime4 is too overkill and bulky for my need, the MCX is lighter, cheaper but based on old architecture. Actually, there is no 2ch AiO device with Serato support on the market at all. Why not grasp the chance?

If license costs are an issue, something hard to imagine considering $500 controllers have Pro support integrated, how about this: Denon and Serato join forces and allow plug n’ play with SDJ Lite with the next FW update. Then people who actually want to use Serato DJ pay the moderate 99$ upgrade and unlock the rest, while others simply ignore it. It’s a win-win for Denon (RX2 has no support), Serato (upgrade buyers) and the users (more flexibility).

Hybrid use would be possible, even if a software restart is needed when switching between SDJ/VDJ and Standalone, thanks to the Aux-Input with Cue/PFL which always keeps operating as long the Prime2 is powered on.


My solution… I’m moving onto a Prime 4 next week… I should have listened to you guys and just got it in the first place… I still agree it would be nice if the Prime 2 got Serato support… Seems like lots of folks want it… Plus its nice to have the option… The v1.6 beta software seems pretty much done… So hopefully more of these requested features will arrive in v1.7 (or whatever the next firmware is named)… I think the Prime’s future looks good either way.


Funny enough a dj buddy who currently uses DDJ SX reached out to me to ask about the Prime 2 and Serato.

I think most will be totally fine even if it was Serato Lite out of box (and paid upgrade to Pro)

Of course I gave him my opinion … only make purchase decisions based on current features or what’s being officially promised.


Looks like nobody from Denon is actually doing anything about this. Well it may not matter to you but you’re losing a customer here. I am returning my unit, and i’m sure many others are not buying your units because of the lack of this feature. You’re charging nearly as much as a Prime 4 and skimping out on something simple. Seriously Denon? You should be ashamed of yourselves especially after all these requests.

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