Serato Controller Mode Features

Appreciating my new units a ton (2x SC5000 1x X1800). Have a few questions / opinions I’d like to share. Let me know your thoughts.

I need to use the unit in controller mode with Serato frequently, as I have to run video, at most of my gigs, and utilize MixEmergency, for it’s superiority. In Serato controller mode, I have yet to find an easy way to change the beatgrids via the hardware. Is this possible? If it is, what are the hardware controls for doing this, I am aware of the click-and-hold method used in standalone mode, but I was not able to get this to work in serato, should it have worked in serato?

I would like to see a more advance waveform in Serato. The mcx8000 allowed me to view the colorized waveform that serato supplies, with beatgrids, adjust the beatgrids, zoom functionality, the whole package, I switched to the sc5000s and x1800 for more features but it seems like the waveform isn’t as advanced (non-scrolling, no beatgrids) as the mcx8000 was, I am aware that the mcx8000 was / may have been, designed more as a controller for serato than a standalone player, and that the sc5000 and x1800 are the opposite, but surely we could see working, zoomable, beatgridded, colorized, and perhaps (sub thread about this somewhere) the phasing display of the waveform, in serato, the last might be a tad optimistic for serato and slightly more viable in standalone, however I think that the waveform display in serato controller mode needs some work, I would like to use the sc5000s + X1800 in Serato controller mode with the same information on my laptop, visible on the Denon screens, such that I could have the laptop under a table or off to the side.

A few threads to get you going

The Serato implementation is meh tbh.

perhaps it’s for stability ie no waveforms etc

I doubt if it’s going to change. The NXS2 does not have scrolling waveform nor grid edit knobs with Serato.

You can use the keyboard short cut in Serato to adjust beat grid on the fly

I use Serato + ME as well.