Search time of tracks way to long when using USB


I’m a fresh owner of the prime 4+ - just have this in mind :wink:

I created my library on the computer (tried both Mac and then also Windows PC) and synced to internal SSD drive and external SSD sticks.

When I search for tracks on the prime 4+ everything is fine when using internal drive or TIDAL.

But when use a stick, the responding time for the track search is between 1 and 2 minutes to come back - unusable for live events as you can imagine. Ad the player seemed to be pretty busy.

I tried a lot:

  • using 1TB stick as well as 2TB external SSD drives
  • formatting them with ExFAT on Mac and Windows PC (windows make the stick faster for whatever reason)
  • my playlists contain 45.000 titles - so under the recommended limit of 50k - size is less than 400GB
  • sticks / external drives checked with CrystalDiskMark - fully ok on sequential read, pretty bad for random reads
  • I use newest stable version (3.2.0) on desktop and OS.

so what do I wrong - colleagues told me their response times are at a couple seconds - what is totally acceptable.

Cheers Greppie

BTW: this is how my library looks like:

Screenshot 2023-11-06 011849

Sorry , found the answer. The key is to do the DB cleanup. Found it here

Topic can be closed.

Thanks Greppie

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