Fix for slow searching in DJ Prime 4

Is there a fix for slow searching on the DJ Prime 4

There’s been an issues on my DJ Prime 4 where it not only does slow searching its even slow when bring up my Playlist or history at time causing it to freeze as well

Any solutions

Thank you in advance

I have a pair of sc5000’s with the same problem. It has been fixed by the time I did a factory reset of the units. i hope i can help you

Did it really work to factory reset the units to increase the performance of the devices?

The conclusion I have reached is that the problem is not that the devices have poor performance, but rather that during the update or due to a software failure, some parameter changes to an erroneous value that makes the searches slower or the unit freeze. doing a factory reset returns all the parameters back to the correct values ​​and the searches return to the expected speed

Would this be fixed by a software update? Like with 3.1? I have had extremely slow searches with my past several software versions… never done a factory reset though…

Question would the Factory Reset delete anything important such as any updates or songs or just reset all the settings only

I’m sure it would delete all the updates…

Resets all device settings only; streaming accounts, preferences, deck colors, lighting etc. Not the Engine database.

Hey folks - we’ve taken a look into this, and have crafted the following suggestion. Please try this out and let us know if this has any impact on search speeds:

Some users have reported slow search speeds on Engine OS devices when searching for tracks. While large track counts on a drive can worsen the search speed, some users have found that running a Library Optimization on Engine DJ improves the search speed. To do this, connect the drive to a computer, open Engine DJ, click the gear icon, go to the library tab, and click the “Run Cleanup” button under system.