SC6000M Top Panel Cosmetic Differences

I’ve recently bought a new pair of SC6000M and noticed ive got an odd pair, ive contacted the dealers i bought them off and was told Denon changed the colour of the SC6000M from BLACK to GREY ,Grey is the newest colour. But the black one looks shiny feels smooth , and the Grey one is rough feeling, the dealers told me to send the black player back and they will send a new Grey one out to match, i dont like the dull rough grey one i prefer the black one, is this true can anyone help please bare in mind i bought them brand new a month ago and only just noticed it. Im new on here also im very mad and upset and cant get a number for denon either is it true? Denon changed the colour from black to grey , makes no sense to me i can provide pictures if permitted to on here, thanks Mykal any help i’d really appreciate, dunno what to do!

@Anthony_DDJ Could You maybe help a bit?

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Nice of the dealers if they are willing to do that, even more if they will cover the cost of shipping.

There is a LOT of things to be mad about Denon. Fact that in the last 2 years they had to change suppliers for various internal components and now also for the outside casing is not one of those things imho.

If the units are working as intended (no platter issues, link behaviour or storage problems) and you got them for a good price be happy. I would take the dealers offer personally.

PS post the photos, would be interesting to see the difference.

You make it really hard to be sympathetic toward your cause - damn, I even prefer the grey one (visually). I assume the grey one has more texture, deeper grooves on the surface and that is why it feels rough under the fingers?

Hey @Mykal Thanks for sharing. I’d be happy to look into this for you. In the meantime, if you’d like the number to our global offices, you can find them on this page: Support : Denon DJ

Yes please Anthony, thanks for the replies guys, appreciated :+1:

Skin them.

Or send tgem both over to me and i will irresponsibly dispose if them for you

Man it sounds like you’ve got an amazing dealer there so hats of to them for taking care of their customer. When you spend that much money you should be happy and honestly, things should match! lol Best of luck either way and props to Anthony for being a constant help around here!

Here here big up to @Anthony_DDJ … that guy goes above and beyond sometimes to get people in touch with the right people. Denon could use more like him.


Hi Mykal, how did you sort it out? I actually do have the same problem as you, and i’m curious to know the outcome of your issue. Did Denon actually aknowledged that they Indeed changed the color of the faceplate to grey?

Thanking you in anticipation

Hi All,

Unfortunately, the original top panel vendor discontinued production, so in order to continue production, we had to change to a new vendor. As you’ve discovered, the new panel may have a slightly different tint/hue compared to the original vendor part. This is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the performance of the product.

  • Original top panel = Darker
  • Current top panel = Lighter

I understand this is not ideal and apologize for the frustration. If you contact your dealer, you may be able to provide them the serial number below, so they can match whatever top plate you prefer.


  • (21)A12101248601148

Serial numbers greater than this will be the current top panel.