Sc6000M New Grey Faceplate?! HELP

Greetings all, I recently purchased a pair of Sc6000m’s from Juno UK. The odd thing is, one player has a smooth glossy black Faceplate finish and the other has rather a rough greyish Matt surface finish (check the attached picture). Has anyone else experienced such a weird and extremely frustrating issue?

I did some quick research on the forums, and it appears that there is at least another user that has faced the exact same issue:

He’s been told by his dealer that Denon has apparently released a New variant color (grey) for its newest models. Can anyone confirm that?!

Thanking you in anticipation

Can’t answer that but I’d 100% be asking Juno to swap one out for a matching model. They will be on different serial number ranges at the very least.

@Anthony_DDJ has already dealt with this issue in the past, he could probably shed some light onto this matter

Greetings @Mykal , how did you sort out your mismatched issue?

Still waiting for Juno’s reply, but i have to admit that i’m quite shocked that this could possibly happen for such a high-end product, presumably the best in its category. What’s going on Denon DJ?!

Not sure but it could be down to the retailer mixing old and new stock, if Denon haven’t informed them of the change then it’s on them, if they have and the retailer just didn’t care that’s gotta be their responsibility.

It’s a total confusion for now, as Denon hasn’t confirmed yet if there’s Indeed a New variant or not. That grey finish is actually the same found on The prime 4, which i used to own in the past, and apparently on the New SC Live 4 controller too. As you can see on the attached picture :arrow_down: the central mixing section has a black finish, whereas the player section has that grey finish

Possibly points to a change of faceplate supplier? Given the Pandemic and supply chain issues its not beyond the realms of possibility that they had to arrange fabrication of the part with a new company, and that resulted in the different shade.

It should have been managed better from a sales POV though where only matching units were sold in pairs. If people are buying them separately im not sure there is much that could be done however.

Hi All,

Unfortunately, the original top panel vendor discontinued production, so in order to continue production, we had to change to a new vendor. As you’ve discovered, the new panel may have a slightly different tint/hue compared to the original vendor part. This is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the performance of the product.

  • Original top panel = Darker
  • Current top panel = Lighter

I understand this is not ideal and apologize for the frustration. If you contact your dealer, you may be able to provide them the serial number below, so they can match whatever top plate you prefer.


  • (21)A12101248601148

Serial numbers greater than this will be the current top panel.