Sc6000 Randomly Rebooting


I have two SC6000 and the primary one (the one with the SSD) keeps hard rebooting. It happened during a set I was playing last night 3 times and the only way I managed to stop it from hard rebooting was to fully drain the power from it, then power it back on. There’s no warnings or errors, just mid track it will freeze then reboot. I can’t find any particular track that causes it, as it seems to happen entirely randomly.

I tried swapping to connecting to EnginePrime over the network and this worked ok, up until I started getting the exact same crashing on the same player. Any ideas?

I would say something is very wrong with the database. Maybee a full wipw of The SSD, redormat and hope die the best. Could be that the SSD s bad also.

Thank you for your response. I thought it could be the database too which is why I moved my library over to Engine DJ desktop and rebuilt my crates from scratch, then connected my SC6000 to it over my Ethernet network. Sadly though this did not fix the issue

Do the symptoms seem similar to these? SC 6000 simply switches off and then restarts again

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Not quite. For me only 1 of my players is hard rebooting. It seems random, sometimes it can be within 10 mins, sometimes within an hour. No error message appears on the screen, it just pauses any playing music, freezes for a few seconds, then reboots and lands me back at the source selection screen.

It seems to happen more often if I boot up the player, then reboot it after listening to a few tracks to clear the history before I play my set, not sure if that helps.

Can you switch the player positions and test? We had some reports here on weird issues with unshielded speakers, walkie-talkies, LED UV lights,…

That’s very strange! All cables I use are shielded and in my home setup I don’t use any speakers of WiFi.

I do have a Phillips Hue next to my left player (the one that is crashing) if that is the cause then WOW! I’ll swap my players locations and see if the right one (moved to the left) starts crashing.

That would be interesting.

I have four Hue Play Bars around my gear (2x SC5000M and a Prime 4) and not seen the same thing. It would be interesting if it is that.

Network cables could be an issue too. Even a loose cable inside.

I’d be very surprised if my 1 Hue bulb was causing the issue, but right now I’m happy to try a rain dance if it meant fixing my player without having to send it away!

I did check my network cables and they all seem fine, when I swapped my players over I swapped all the cables too just incase

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Maybee it’s the HUE bridge?

They are on the same network switch, but surely that would cause both players to hard reboot and not just one of them? (The hub is in another room though)

Ah oke, I was just wondering if the bridge was near to the mixer. It would be pretty wierd if the bridge would cause the problem but just to rule it out.

@JazzySenpai Reach out to support if this continues…Submit a ticket : Denon DJ

Annoyingly…I was not able to recreate the issue after it happened last time. This worries me more as I don’t know if I can trust my gear or not :confused:

In the same venue or are you testing at home?

The issue I reported is with my home gear, and I’ve been diagnosing and testing on my home gear. No changes to my setup

I was about to practise on my gear and after a few mins of uptime the same player crashed again…

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All clear now, for some reason I thought the issue was at a gig.

From external factors the only other thing I would check is power fluctuations/surges, maybe try different power cables and a voltage meter to see if it spikes. To be clear, since only one SC6000 is rebooting there is definitely something wrong with it and you should log a support ticket. But personally I like to find the cause (faulty internal PSU that is more sensitive to voltage fluctuations that it should be causing a reboot? Just throwing ideas…)

I appreciate the ideas, but I figured out what the problem is! Last night during the constant crashes of my left player, I noticed my Resolume would also stop reacting to audio whenever the player would crash (even if audio was still playing from my second player). At first I thought it was my Focusrite, but thankfully it was not!

The player was in a crash loop until I quit Resolume entirely, after that it was perfectly stable.

TL:DR friendship ended with Resolume!

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Great find. Have you reported it to Resolume? They’ll definitely need to get that patched if it lies within their area. Crashing hardware ■■■■■ but as Resolume seems to be a source, I’d push for a fix there.

I will be doing, hopefully they can resolve it quickly!