SC 6000 simply switches off and then restarts again

Hello, I have a problem with my SC6000 players. I have the problem with all players that they switch off differently and then restart again. The screen just goes black then it boots up to the main menu where I can select the sources. After about 1-2 minutes the same thing again, the screen goes black and boots up again. This behavior is then repeated at different intervals. There is also no error message or a message that it is restarting It doesn’t matter whether I have a USB stick connected or not. I have the latest firmware 3.2.0 on it. Everything went perfectly. even with the latest update. This problem occurred a few days ago. I’ve already reinstalled the update but that didn’t help. I haven’t changed anything else. I hope someone here is able to help me.

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I’d suggest unplugging any drives that you have connected or installed and trying a factory reset from the ‘About’ menu.

Remember all your settings and any streaming logins.

I don’t have a hard drive connected to my players. I did a factory reset. But what I found out must have something to do with the WiFi. If I deactivate WiFi, all players stay on as usual. As soon as I activate WiFi, they automatically switch off again at irregular intervals (the screen simply goes black) and boot again.

That’s definitely looking like a WiFi issue then. Maybe try updating to the latest version again using the cable method and let it apply any secondary module updates (they can come after the main update and can often look like the update stalls).

Hopefully someone from the team can jump in with suggestions.

Hi, I have exactly the same problem… two days back I played an event and it was not pleasant at all. I have an SC6000M and they started shutting down (restarting) out of nowhere… fw3.2.0 I use the Tidal service and I was connected to public wi-fi… luckily I was saved by prime Go on which I played for about 3 hours…

It would be interesting to roll back to the previous version and see if you still get the same issues.

oh, yes i will check this