SC5000 Play/Cue button replacement

Hey all,

Has anyone else gone through the process of replacing the Play/Cue buttons on the SC5000? Some people have asked for where to find the parts (you can get them from Denon or here Button, Cue/Play / Pause - Denon DJ - PT07106315 ( ) although both are currently out of stock. Does anybody have general steps of pictures of the process that’s involved with disassembling the SC5000s? Denon’s only provides service manuals to service centers (which is BS), so I am looking for any insight as to how much work it is to replace these. I’m an electrical engineer and have repaired many devices so not worried about jumping in, but wanted to see what others have ran into.


Ya this is one (more) thing which is a con for Denon. Even for the latest Pio gear you will finde the service manual somewhere. No luck for DenonDJ so far, but I admit a DJ repairing his own equipment is rather a corner case :wink:

So without a service manual, it comes down to the usualy stuff:

  • Identifiy the screws to remove and remove them
  • Carefully open the case, making sure not to break any FFC cables/connections
  • Separate assys as needed, repeat steps to dig further until you finished to the top / switch / mechanical layer :slight_smile:
  • Sort all material removed with notes / photos for re-assembly

Hi, did you replace your buttons. How difficult was it and do have any valuable insights, tips or even pictures of the process? Thanks!

Hey @domdj,

I haven’t tried to replace the buttons yet as I can’t get the replacement parts, they are out of stock at the site linked above who gets them directly from Denon. I also called Denon around when the posted this and they said they don’t have any either.

If you know somewhere I can get these, then I’ll give it a shot and document the process.

Thanks for the quick reply, although I am feeling a little disappointed that the parts are not even available at Denon directly. I only asked one shop if they can order replacement parts, but I haven’t heard back from them. If I am able to get the replacement part anywhere, I’ll ping you.

hello then if you want to do a search on the net I saw a photo of the switches that are in the sc5000, they seem to me the same as those of the prime 4, I have just replaced them and I have one on hand! if you want to open your sc5000 reader and gauge its switch, i can tell you if it’s the same! if you measure height, width and distance between the two sadized contacts I can tell you if they match! and at that point I can tell you where to buy them!

Hey @djveleno are you talking about the switches on the PCB or the plastic parts that you touch? That’s what messed up on my players, all of the cue buttons are wobbly but the buttons on the PCB work fine. It’s just annoying for me as they wobble around when I am cueing fast.

I’m talking about the buttons on the pcb

Yeah, it seems the little plastic at the top that holds the button inside the frame is doomed to fail.

This used to go on the old X900 & X1500 mixers. I used to order them from Charles Hyde in the UK but I hear they are out of business now. Old Denon used this company.

Good to see they are gone. They charged me £4.95 delivery on a tiny package with a 65p plastic headphone cue switch activator. It came in the smallest of envelopes.

I just heard back from my local music store, that they can order the cue buttons but it will take ~5 months.

Me repairing a Denon (not DJ) DRA 800H receiver, after I got the power amplifier stage working again, I figured out the DAC is also defective, IC AK4458VN, nowhere in stock.

This 2 year old, 700 EUR worth, receiver is now bricked because of this. If I am lucky, I may get the part in about 3 months from now… or maybe AKM will declare it end-of-life before :-/

Interesting as countries are working towards the “right to repair” policy and the wide availability of spare parts to combat e-waste.

Let’s see how that pans out.

Personal responsibility for buying a cheaper product not made on your continent? Nothing?

Well im still trying to get bits for my lada… china has got any. Only russia…

I aint going there to buy bits. I’ll get a pushbike first.

The tactile switches are acually generic its only the size between pins and height you need and you want momentary not latching. You could technically replace them with better quality.

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yes but he says that his problem is not the switches! his problem is the plastic button!

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Reinforce it with expoy resin

IMO there are situations to repair, and there are times to replace. I think the plastic buttons here fall into the replace category as they should only cost me a few bucks. That joint also has to flex, so I don’t want to add epoxy to it as that will not flex as the plastic once did.

For those on this thread talking about the PCB switches, I would caution you to stay away from 100 packs of cheap junk buttons online. They are nowhere near the quality of the original denon ones. I would imagine you can get them from Denon directly, but if not, go buy the Pioneer replacement part that looks the same, It will probably last longer too lol.

Does anybody know if the SC5000 and SC6000 or other Denon DJ products use the same size buttons? The MC7000 and MCX8000 use a similar arrangement with the same button covers, but those are both legacy parts not stocked by instrumental parts, and they are most likely incompatible.

Of course the SC6000 buttons aren’t even listed on instrumental parts so I have no idea what the plastic assembly looks like, wonderful.