SC 6000 are freezing

I have set up two SC 6000 up with two SC5000m and x1850 mixer. First day and the two sc6000 will freeze and then cause the 5000 to freeze at some point. Reset them a few times as far as power down and one will freeze and then another one. Audio drops at times. I tried using an internal drive and 2 separate usb sticks and I get the same problem. All are on latest version 1.5.1

Note. When they freeze you can power down. You have to play with the on off button a few times before anything happens.

Any ideas?

Sounds like it could be a defective network cable or network port.

I also wonder if there are any features on the 6000 which could be activated that could cause headaches for a networked 5000 - like something relating to the larger screen or the internal drive - you know like a subroutine that’s says “Hey all internal drives report in , how ya spin’?”

5000 thinks … “what internal drive ? “

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Internet back up in area. Redownloading clean copes of 1.5.1 and setting up all for sc units. Now I’m Imaging a new ssd drive for one of the sc6000. Gonna by pass the two new sc network cables that came with them after I do a test set. Only going to add one usb and see how it goes and then another and then the internal.

When I was just running a 2.5 SATA HDD external to one of the 5000s, I had no issues with units locking up even if I plugged usb sticks in on both.

More to follow


Ok. Update here. Did a reload and still getting some issues on two decks of of four. It’s freezing, loss of hot cue controls, drifting and bpm control

Hi @DeSelGian - What units are freezing the 5000M or the 6000?

Is it always the same unit?

Is a complete freeze where the unit needs to be power cycled or does the player eventually catch up?

I suspect that you might be running into trouble with your media device (non-SSD external HD) Depending on the speed of this drive, it may be too slow for use over the network. Try using just a single USB 3.0 or SD card with a read speed of at least 90/MBs.