Sampler or any other subtitute for Traktor Remix (moving from Traktor to Denon DJ (maybe))

Hey, first time here. I am a loooong time Traktor user and love the software, but they are slowly giving up it seems (no updates no new features etc). I was thinking of moving to Denon Sc6000-s and X1850. I am not yet convinced, how good and beneficial would the switch be. I really love Traktors remix decks and this is one of the things holding me back. So my question is, how are You guys happy with Denon if You have moved from Traktor to Denon laptopless system? And is any of You use Denon decks with some kind of simple and good sampler, which reads bpms etc from Denon’s mixer (Midi i guess) ? Got good offer from Denon seller and have few days to decide if i pull the plug on Traktor and go full Denon Prime or not. Pioneer is way too expensive to own with the cdj3000-s etc with less features. Please give me advice if You use some samplers same way as You did with Traktor’s remix decks (if there is any). Thank You all and have nice gigs soon (doing my first this weekend many months post covid). PK

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Maybe this topic can be something to read on:

I also miss remix decks in hardware version. We as a community of this forum asked Denon to create one good sampler for us. I also presented some ideas there and sent the workflow for that sampler to Denon. Let’s see if something will happen, as now things are getting more and more speed finally in the industry.

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Thanks for reply. I am really surprised that years old tech can still do more in live mixing than brand new state of the art prime system. I guess no Denon yet. I was hoping to return to Denon after decades (my first pro CD deck was denon f2000 and later f2500). After that decades on pioneer, then traktor-Pioneer integration. I could even sette with denon-traktor hybrid for now (except traktor does not have denon prime Hid support). I guess its better to wait it out with Pio-Traktor combo. Love the other aspects of Denon innovations tho but cannot give up great sampling abilities of Traktor remix decks. Cheers and have a great summer!

Akai Force would be the way to go.

I bought the Maschine + for that… still exploring what can be done with it. But I hope we could get the remix deck like sampler for Prime system - this would be really a game changer for live performance djs like us.


Yea, for me it’s basic, it needs to be able to set exact bpm of the sample, it needs to sync it to the track playing flawlessly and stay in sync when i change the tempo. I do lots of things at once, so it should have these quality of life features. How is the Maschine + on that regard ?

Thanks @hellnegative for suggestion, i’ll check it out.


I agree. I just moved over from Traktor. I currently use External MIDI to leverage my traktor remix sets with my prime system. I would love to see Denon develop a deck similar to the D2 or F1’s within the Prime eco system

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