Sample on the pads & Lighting

When will you guys be adding the ability either on the touch screen of the prime 4 or to the pads for DJ’s to be able to load samples into all 8 pads so they can be triggered at anytime. This is a must have feature that mostly every single DJ uses and as powerful as the prime 4 is you did not include this in any way even though you have 2 different ways of doing it. You can make another page on the touch screen on which we can trigger them from there or you can do just like the ns7 III AND be able to load them into the pads all8 pads but you also need a volume control specifically for those pads so you can adjust the volume according to how soft or load you are playing at any given time and a way to quickly start and stop it if needed like serato does they have 8 sample slots each one has 3 different ways you can set the sample or DJ drop to play plus it has an over all volume and an individual volume on each of the 8 sample slots to adjust the volume to the correct level this is a super important feature for most every DJ. Also why not include the 3 different software for lighting in with the prime 4 so no matter which light company you use wether it’s sound switch or any of your other partners I mean what is the sense of having what you call a standalone unit when you need a computer to run the lighting the programs should come with the prime 4 and which ever one you use download it directly into the standalone prime 4 and run it directly from the touch screen eliminating the use of an external computer it’s kind of dumb to have a standalone unit but yet you need a computer to run lighting or and external samples to use samples when every single new controller has samples in there units yours doesn’t and it definitely should for all mobile DJ and club DJ applications please get this done in a very near future uodate ASAP!!!


Then dont buy the device you’re talking about if it hasn’t got everything you want or really need.

There were some features that I wanted when I looked at primes. I went for the prime separates. I probably could have bought a prime 4 and kept asking every month for 10 years , for the features I wanted but there’s nothing promised, nothing guaranteed for what things will get added later or even IF everything that has been asked for CAN be added.

Some of the stories on the forum have said that instead of denon adding a sampler to primes , they’d rather DJs buy one of the sampler solutions that Akai offer. As akai and denon are the same company , makes sens for the one company doesn’t try to steal sales from another company of the same owner


Why not just put 8 samples in a track and put hot cues and loops on them? Simple and fast, as You load 8 samples at a time. Just needs a bit preparation.


It’s a stand alone unit ITS NOT STAND ALONE they could have waging and made it truely stand alone but they didn’t. It’s been out a year and they added nothing that real DJ’s use at every gig it should not be hard to be able to add a way to use samples either of the screen or on the pads like every controller before this one can do as far as the lighting goes you get the software on a light version with the prime 4 why not make it possible to download the software directly into the prime 4 if they did THEN AND INLY THEN WOULD IT BE A TRULY STANDALONE UNIT. Of your gonna adversity it as standalone it should be exactly that all I’m saying is a few updates into firmware and it could be truly stand alone

It’s marketed as a “standalone DJ system” - which it is.

It’s NOT marketed as a “standalone DJ system, lighting controller and sample player”.

There is no such thing on the market - by any manufacturer.

I’m a “real DJ” and I don’t use samples at my gigs. Your requirements are yours alone, not everyone elses.

They could have what?


It not as simple when your a mobile DJ and you come across what they call a stand alone unit I use the NS7 III and can trigger samples on all 8 pads independently of the 4 channels without the use of an external sampler or any of the 4 channels plus I use DJ drops too and you can’t trigger those over songs etc without them being parked somewhere to use them when you need to in this unit and in the mobile application you have no room to set up an outside source. It’s a simple firmware update to add this as well as being able to load software into this unit for lighting as well. If they wanna call it stand alone it should be truly standalone not needed anything at all except the prime 4 to do everything else and again a simple firmware update would be able to do this too if you can load your own logo into the prime 4 why not have the ability to load the software either onto your internal drive or on a flash drive and install it into the prime 4 so it’s truly stand alone and then just carry the laptop as a back up to use with serato if the engine software goes down makes perfect sense for most DJ’s which is why these ideas were skipped because the decision to skip them was probably made by someone sitting behind a desk them at never DJ’d in there life and has no clue what 9 out of 10 pro DJ’s like myself use on a daily basis so I’m just putting this out the so the can get this in as a needed features and every blog out there is screaming for it in the prime 4

Newsflash - you’re using DJ software on a computer to do this. The NS7 itself is not a sampler.

Really? Every blog? Even the ones about gardening, woodwork, knitting? I believe you’re exaggerating.

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Every blog I have checked regarding the prime 4. Look I’m not bashing the prime 4 but I would not call it a standalone unless you can do everything you need to do and you simply can’t with this unit. This is the problem with units like this they rush it out and don’t put this super important things in it that most of not all DJ’s use I’m simply putting it here so denon gets off there ass after a year of this thing on the market in use and I am not the only one calling for the sampler to be part of the unit and the lighting should be part of it to firmware updates can and should be made and installed to make it a truly stand alone unit!

Maybe tell us how would you implement it in the prime 4?

Yes I agree with PK - newsflash

The prime 4 is a standalone piece of DJ equipment= “Plays music without a laptop being at the gig”

It doesn’t make the coffee, although a percentage of DJs drink coffee - it’s still a standalone

It doesn’t have a microphone built Into the casing , although a percentage of DJs use a microphone - it’s still a standalone

It doesn’t have 4 wheels and take on unleaded petrol or diesel - even though a percentage of DJs have to travel to get to gigs - it’s still a standalone

It doesn’t have a sampler - even though a percentage of DJs use samples - it’s still a standalone

It doesn’t have built-in 5000watt speakers - even though a percentage of DJs have a large number of people to play music to - it’s still a standalone

The prime 4 is a standalone piece of DJ equipment= “Plays music without a laptop being at the gig”

Enough of this “it’s not a standalone” nonsense garbage

There is a full functionality listed in the manual and it does it without a pc. What other device on the market is capable of making this or more and is independent from a computer?


Yes and that’s true of all the prime models I’d say.

Having some extra software at home for preparation might add something beyond the standalone capabilities but the primes play music without being reliant or dependent on a computer switched on at a party so are standalone.

Does what? Without the computer?

Well I’ve got one, and it does everything I need it to do. That’s why I bought it. I don’t need it to play samples (although if I hook it to VDJ or Serato it can). I don’t need it to control lights.

The things you’re claiming to be “super important” don’t exist on any standalone unit. Even the guys using high end Pioneer “club standard” CDJs and mixers have to buy a separate unit to play samples.


If I were to hazard a guess, they didn’t add the ability to play samples due to not having enough performance bandwidth on the Prime 4. The Prime 4 as it stands right now is the ONLY 4-deck standalone DJ system on the market. Even the DDJ-XZ is only 2 channel until you plug in an external device. Given that each sample is essentially a barebones “deck,” they probably couldn’t add sample playback without adding more RAM (to store sample data) or a stronger MCU (to play the samples) to the Prime 4 without making the device prohibitively expensive.

You like to bring up your NS7III but that’s comparing apples and oranges. The MSRP of the NS7III when released ($1499) was almost as much as the Prime 4’s MSRP ($1699). And that’s without factoring in the laptop required to run Serato which would easily bring your total cost to more than $2000, vastly more than the price of a Prime 4.

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If you install a internal hard drive big enough which I plan on doing you have the memory needed to do so and if you make it so it can be done from the touch screen it is possible by a simple firmware update as it would be to add the ability to download the sound witch software directly to either a flash drive or the internal drive to run competitors stand alone I am going to be installing a 4TB ssd of nice my prime 4 arrives I don’t see it being that hard to do in a firmware update to have the ability to assign it to each pad or to be able to trigger them from the pads with that kind of internal drive the software can certainly be added to the prime 4 and there should be enough in the prime 4 OS to make the samples fire from either the screen or the pads it’s not really that difficult to do. And honestly to spend the largest amount of money on this unit to then have to spend 500 more on an ssd and have what they call a stand alone unit which to me is minor stand alone if you still need a computer to run lighting and and external samples to run samples off of. To be truly stand alone all of this can and should be done in the unit period. What you are talking about is not even remotely correct if you going to put a link on the unit to run sound switch why not go the extra mile since you have a screen on the unit and the ability to run the software in the unit after all it is a computer itself and if your going to claim it be a STAND ALONE UNIT then it should do all the things DJ’s need to do without have to add anything but your lights and you chose of drives to play your music and again it can be easily done through firmware updates it would not be hard at all.

You’re lack of understanding of the basics of how computers work, referring to the SSD as memory is beyond poor. Whilst it can be used as virtual memory, it’s slow and laborious and certainly couldn’t be used for any kind of performance / responsive working. The memory on the units themselves are not upgradable so there is only a finite amount of features that can be added that are all in play at the same time.

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You keep saying it’s possible, simple, not that hard, really not difficult and easily done. How do you know?

Are you a programmer? Software developer? Experience of embedded systems and Linux software?

The Prime 4 can’t run SoundSwitch. It’s not a Windows PC or a Mac running MacOS.

And once again, the Prime 4 already does “all the things DJs need to do”. If it didn’t, Denon wouldn’t have sold any. DJs wouldn’t be buying it.

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Load file. Set hot cues. Rename hot cues. Done.

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Beer for this gentleman- the same explanasion I just give to another topic. LoL