Right jog wheel stuttering

Hi all,

I already raised 2 tickets for this issue but I’m not getting answers from the support so I’m trying my luck here.

I have a Prime 2 controller, upgraded to the latest firmware (2.3.1 today), the issue has been present for about 2-3 months.

Basically, in vinyl mode, my right jog wheel is stuttering, I can’t move forward or backward smoothly within a track, the movement is irregular, sometimes normal for a second then it stops then starts again slowly etc…

The left jog wheel works perfectly, I can move backwards and forward smoothly within the tracks.

The support team told to factory reset my unit but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. When I go to the settings and select the reset option and confirm, nothing happens, all my settings are kept including my wifi configuration.

Is there a way to really erase all settings from the unit like if it was brand new ?

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This problem is usually caused by the touch sensitivity of the jog wheel. When you have the problem, you should command the re-calibration of the jog wheels, you must see in the console menu, there is a special button that when pressed makes the calibration run, and in that period you must not touch the surface of the jog , until the end of the calibration operation.

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Many many thanks for your reply.

I don’t know if I missed something but I cannot find any option to calibrate the jog wheels… can you give me the detailed procedure ?

Cheers, Hervé

I have the Prime 4, if you go to the user manual version 2.3 on page 45 you can see written:

Instead you have the Prime 2, and I looked at the user manual (page 47), but in the same menu you don’t have that command, look here:

So I don’t know if that command is missing in the user manual because they forgot to write it, or if Prime 2 actually doesn’t have that command. Try to see what you find in your menu. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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Prime 2 should auto calibrate on boot. When you don’t touch the platters during power up the platters should be calibrated.

Another thing to check is the grounding. Connecting a circuit without proper grounding can cause platter issues. I would suggest trying another power outlet and another cable.

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Hi all, many thanks for your replies. I’ll change the power cord to check if it helps. I tried on several sockets and the problem happens on all of them.


Please let us know your findings!

Hi all, so I bought a brand new power cord and there’s no improvement…

Going back to a previous question : how can we completely reset the unit as if it was brand new ? I am going in Settings and the About / Update and then click Reset to defaults.

This only reset the configuration settings like the screen orientation for the waveforms but it’s not a complete factory reset…

Let me know if you have any suggestions,

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The reset in the menu is indeed to restore the settings. Next option is to flash the firmware again. A complete factory reset requires a tool and would be done by support if needed. So if you really require this support is the best route. Good luck!

I have this exact same porblem with my SC6000. Can’t scratch or even hold the platter in place.

I am having that issue with my right jog as well. need some help here.

Good luck. I opened a ticket several weeks ago but never heard back. Meanwhile my prime 2 warranty has ended…

If Denon DJ is not responding in reasonable time try reaching out to inMusic: InMusic contact form

Even if your warranty is gone, explain what happened and they should help you.

I will try this. Thanks !