Right jog issue

Hello ! How can i finally fix right jog issue ? Its just work not like it should. Link with annoying problem below, please help!

When you start the controller, do not touch it, it could be a bad calibration with the ground connection, see if your socket has a ground connection, try calibrating the jogs in the menu (I don’t know if you can), on my Denon Prime 2 when starting it And with vinyl mode active, the left jog cut the audio into pieces, but I restart it and it stops, they say in the forum that it could be a bad grounding in the controller and you have to take it to the technical team, for now, ami It doesn’t do it to me, let’s see if someone else knows something about this.

I think this is the same problem

Yes, i see that this is common problem, but i want to hear from denon team what should i do to fix it? Or they dont’t care?