I have been having problems with my right jogwheel. It occasionally glitches or plays with the jogwheel by itself. I assume it could be a grounding problem because it only happens when vinyl mode is on.

Has anyone had this problem?

Yes, many people have this problem sometimes. As you wrote it depends on your ground connection. When you have that problem, you can do two solutions to be able to continue playing music without interruptions:

  1. Press the vinyl button (as you have already done).
  2. Execute the plate calibration command from the settings menu (at the top of the display).

Mine had to go back to Denon (Prime 2) to be repaired, that issue.

You’d think with such high valued gear that this wouldn’t be an issue especially since other gear I’ve used from pioneer on the same desk/area doesn’t have this problem… gutted about that because denon prime 4 is great. Thank you for the tips ! I will try these out.

Did that fix the problem? I don’t believe mine is under warranty so don’t think I can do that unless I want to pay a lot I assume

We’ve had at least one case where the user reported the power cable supplied with the unit was defective (ground not connected) so it’s worth testing with another cable.

If your hardware ALWAYS has this defect, then your only solution is to send it in for repair, it is not normal operation. It’s broken.

It doesn’t always happen to me, maybe it can happen once every 2 or 3 weeks, it depends on many factors. Since when the console is switched on, it performs an automatic calibration of the jogs, it may happen that during that phase, you perhaps inadvertently approach the jog with your electrostatically charged clothes, and all this leads to incorrect calibration of the jog. So in that case if you execute a new calibration command (from the user menu), being careful not to touch the jogs, then the problem then disappears. Sometimes it depends on the ground connection. But I repeat that if it happens a few times, then it is not a failure, otherwise your hardware needs to be repaired.

It’s fixed now, the temperature and moisture may also play a part too. For example if you’re leaving it in a car overnight after a gig etc.

And the grounding as stated above, make sure your power cable is good quality with a good quality earth connection (not sure how that works outside the UK though)

Give them a good clean I had this issue and the sensors pick up on the weight thinking it’s being touched :person_facepalming:

Unfortunately I have the same problem now. At least every second or third time I use the controller (Prime 4) It can be fixed with recalibrate in the menu. However, the sensitivity is then always slightly less than on the left side. It’s just strange that it always only affects the right one. So I can’t quite believe that there is a problem with the mass of cables, sockets, etc. So think it’s a hardware problem or just a mass problem within the device.

I’ll still try a thorough cleaning and a different cable and socket, but I don’t have much hope.


How much did the repair cost or was it still under warranty?

all the equipment has flaws, defects and errors, in Pioneer they don’t let them publish, so that it seems that their equipment is better, but outside their forum, there are the real problems… In this forum, there is freedom of expression… .


Mine was under warranty and the repair sheet came back as saying it was a bad grounding on the left platter, which I assume led the controller to believe the platter was being used when it wasn’t.

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Thanks for the info, I saw earlier that I still have 4 weeks of warranty, so I’ll fast arrange for a repair of the controller…

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Your retailer can get it sent straight off and a case raised, that was how i did mine and he was brilliant service.

It is a ground problem , check your cables

In my case the cables didn’t fix it, it needed the platter itself repairing.

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Just tried, different cable, different socket, same problem, unfortunately.

Maybe it’s the socket in the device itself due to the frequent plugging and unplugging…

i have the same problem !

Get in touch with your retailer and they will arrange for the device to be repaired.