Replacing Red files with the same file

Hi all

I made an assumption that dragging tunes from my various music folders on my pc to the Crates folder would create a copy of the said files on the EngineOS side of things. - -Yes “ASS-umption” .

When I’d finished my editing of hotcues etc i went and moved the original files from their folders into another database, this was before i’d synced to the SSD Device!!! I noticed that all of the newly edited tunes in EOS were red. I understand what ive done wrong but surely there must be a way to replace the said tunes back in to their red files? The data for the hotcues and every thing is still there so why cant i just replace them with the original files? I know this can be done with Rekordbox.

Im clutching here but i fear there’s no way to do it? Ive relocated all of the “red” files on my PC side ready be dragged over if it can be done. Im struggling to understand the whole import/export feature as well.

Any help is appreciated even if its “give up it aint happening”!

isnt it about time Denon did some brand new tutorials on the EngineOS,

For now I’ll just keep the red files there in case an update comes along and as for new tunes…lesson learned!

thanks all

No dj software works like that, because we will end up using twice the space.

Officially there is no way.

3rd party - Rekordcloud has a relocate file file function. But the files must still be on a drive.

Do you have a specific query in relation to this functionality?

hi mufasa, thanks for the speedy reply. i feared there was no way in EOS to relocate the files however yes the files are still on my local hdd, they were never deleted at all, just moved and then folder they were in was deleted. would Rekordbox simply do a search of my HDD for the red files in question?

the import/export…what does it do? all i see is a spreadsheet with data on it but what functionality does this bring to the EOS program? whats it there for?

thanks again

Import / Export ?

Is that in the Sync Manager. See this video for explanation.

Import - brings in new data from your performance drive back to your collection. Eg say you exported 1 track to a performance drive. Said track has 1 hot cue in Engine Prime, but when you were DJing you added 4 more hot cues.

Import will allow you to add those extra 4 hot cues to the collection copy of the track

So after a gig you may want to do import first before you export.

It also brings in saved loops, beatgrid changes etc

Export on the other hand - you use that to send a playlist/crate to the performance drive. It works for data changes as well. Say you made some extra hot cues, saved loops etc in Engine Prime, you can send that to the performance drive as well

thats great thanks. much appreciated.

would Rekordbox be able to locate the tunes and then i can import that data to EOS? im sure i saw that theres a conversion tool or something for Denon to Rekordbox.

or should i just i give up on this and wait for an update? lol


I mentioned Rekordcloud, not Rekordbox :blush:

Engine Prime can not natively convert to Rekordbox

But it can convert your existing Rekordbox library to Engine Library

Eg if you were using rekordbox before switching to engine prime

oh i see. my bad then. looks like i’ll add them slowly or wait a while.

thank you for your help :wink: