Rekordbox mapping denon prime

Hello, dear friends, I would appreciate your help, please, I am looking for a denon prime 4 and denon prime 2 midi mapping, I would appreciate your help

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I am also in search of the P4 midi command list. This is something that should actually be provided in the user manual. Please Denon provide us with ALL the info needed of the products we purchased,

Hi there what exactly do you need help with ? I mix with a Denon prime 2 on here. Its compatible with all the skins from what I’ve seen my fav is Blocks. Yes it already has midi mapping just turn your prime on computer mode turn on Aiso Control panel before opening Virtual Dj Then make sure sound setting are correct inside your options there is also instructions for everything options it’s at the top of the page right side looks like a gear click it …tutorials very top left everything one need to know it’s very straight forward and easy to set op premapped .

This is not an answer to his question. No one asked for virtual dj here…

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I will check, but I think I have a midi table for prime 4. For sure I have it for SC5000. I will let You know this weekend.

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Yeah i just realized that im on both forum and get notifications was in a hurry and replied while working just trying to help out and besides its a better softwear for denon anyway obviously or rekord box would pre map it like virtual does for basicly any controler and ive used both with denon hands down virtual is the way why use a software that will not cater to your controllers mixers etc virtual is compatibal aith all to me its like reckordbox is saying whites only or straight people only if they cant cater to everyone and not just everyone with pioneer why should denon users go the unesssesary trouble to manually map there sih*t unless you have all your music on rekordbox but still just a matter of doing it unless one is lazy then i get it and he asked for help he still got it ill say it again rekordbox if you have a denon is a pain in the ass i dont like pain in the ass and i wouldnt think most others do unless you just got to have rekordbox and be limited who wants limits i push the limit not submit to it ,just saying or we not helping its his choise i gave options but hey thanks for pointing that out but its still relevant and are we not here to help out our fellow DJs well most of us anyway . Use what you want but check your options out all im saying doesnt effect me either way does it you?

@NoiseRiser Thanks so much. I appreciate it.

I understand what you are saying regarding the supported software. However it really doesn’t matter what software I want to use it with, I purchased a product & I feel it should come with all the documentation pertaining to it. How do you think the supported software became supported? - Denon provided them with the documentation they required. This is not asking a lot from Denon as they definitely have it. Why do we have to beg for something that should’ve been supplied with our product when purchased. If it can be used as a midi controller, they should provide us with a midi list… including the all the system exclusive commands.

@crazycraig Old Denon used to do this, for example here’s an extract from the MC6000 user manual.

I guess it’s one of those “trade secret” things protected by In-Music now and only given to select business partners rather than the public.

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I sort of get the stopping of distributing midi map data. It sort of hinders the reverse engineering process from other companies. But i dont get why we cant have it if we ask for it. After all we actually own outright the equipment. We dont pay any suubscription for the software or OS so we should be able to use it as we see fit. I mean i use a pioneer djm600 as a door stop. And it works better at holding the door open than it does as a mixer.

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Please share a photo of it, it sounds great, I would love to see it :rofl:

Options , and help is all im povideing i could care less what anyone uses. I mistakenly tight the notification was from Virtual Dj and was actually mixing at the time that’s why we well you are arguing about . But ill leave it at this being you drawed me back in then im done he wanted help i gave an OPTION i did not say use it i explaind how it worked in my origanal post again helping to repling to your past and arguing i play music i dont have time for aruing if i can provide help i dont jump in and so wow dont do that you didnt say that but round about did im sorry you paid for somthing that didnt work really i am that ■■■■■ i did to I still have ReKordbox again its all about otions and well lets face it ease of use if i play in a clubs pioneer yes Rekordbox is what i use if im playing on my Denon i use whatever software that works best We want to play right or do we wanna sit around trying to get something to works is your rekordbox working right now are you playing or still looking for a solution that will work untill Denon and Rekordbox get there ducks in a row ill tell you what im doing im mixing im also from Virtual recording video from 3 cameras cycleing on there own with endless possibilites of effects etc i can do my whole show with awesome video streaming that has to just be seen to understand and i also can yes stream from the same Virtual dj i dont need to buy anything to brodcast record video do raidio its all in there . I can do anything that i need right from virtual DJ one app one sign in one price i dont have to go looking for anything and when im ready its ready let me ask you this how long have you been trying to get this to work ? When and if and i say if you do is it going to work right ? Trust is enough to play a paid gig and it work the whole time case i trust mine . I also and im not the only one i would hope like simplicity in this that’s big for my because complected in this line of work spells disaster unless you just do it for fun in which case lol i would say its for fun because if not its costing money not making money so the stuff you paid for is useless right now right? Again options and when you have things that work you got the money to by both which equal what everybody ??? You got it OPTIONS i have options do you most DJs have several programs why they want options and they want to get paid so options good no options well you get it dont you at least while your working on your solution try it free 30 days and your Rekordbox files transfer right over does rekordbox do that …anybody im not sure i havent used it in well… thats… right since i got Virtual DJ.

Should you well that’s up to you i would say if its not making you money and you got time wait it out ill be mixing and i bet thats what Yanlv wants or he wouldnt be here looking for LOL WHAT EVERYONE HELP AND OPTIONS i don’t care but im thinking he want to mix and im betting he will be soon or he could take your helpm and advice oh wait what was it again tell us??

if you ask which is best , well i know but again that’s another forum which is compatable i think that’s obvious what it comes down to is you WANT something to work that most liky not be the way you want no solutions no help no options is what you gave then correct someone trying to help the gentlemen are we here to help or cause issues like RKORDBOX is causing for the both of you and its up to both of you meanwhile mine works. And again he wants help he=or i would think he wants to mix and not spend all night looking for fixes and no solutions i provided one what’s your ??? yaniv_Totshvili did his solution work oh wait did he give one hmm do you wanna play or keep looking for that illusive command list that isn’t a 100% guarantee that all your how do i put this in terms Crazy can understand hmmmm oh ok you think all your buttons and knobs are going to work well i don’t know crazy do you know ? Here is what i know … my Denon works exactly as it should and did the first time i pluged it in and i was mixing within 10 min of plug in that’s what want as a performer ■■■■ that works as intended when i want it to work what you want is up to you what Yanlv wants is up to him and it sounds like he want to mix on his awesome Denon and see it perform as it was meant to here is an idea and i dont know but i would think before buying something i want to read the specs and make sure its compatible maybe read it all and understand it im betting you seen that you can import Rekordbox and thought sweet it will work that’s very unfortunate …well you live and ya lean well most of us anyway and that’s the end of todays lesson and i hope others reading this get it and get back to mixing asap glad i could help or try anyway. I’m going back to mixing on my Denon that working like a charm on my software good luck today finding a fix though i really do hope you get it working its not funny and its not right but hey sitting here arguing with me when the facts are clear does none of us any good make since or do you wanna keep going because i have nothing let to say ima working Artist/DJ ill help when i can and if i cant ill stay out of it cause ii love this and i like to see people succeed if i can make that easier as someone once did for me i will, im here to help not fight .

Oh if you get fed up and want to mix its not that much and also if you can mix on there site and get your name out there. See i even gave you options and help what you do with it is totally up to you :wink:

PLUR MM And someone please help Crazy out with that command list or whatever temporary fix is out there to they have a permanent one im sure just looking at the possibilities he might have isn’t as good as it working, he wants to play wiell hope that helps you out getting it to work i sincerely hope you get it playing or at least somewhat working anythings better than nothing :slight_smile:


My pioneer DoorJamMachine 600

Best thing its ever done… pioneer are underrated as door stops.


Absolute genius. I’ve got the 500 model which is way cooler. Now a permanent feature in my lounge :slight_smile:

Mind you it still works perfectly as a mixer and has never come up with a “peripherals not coming online” message or had a snapped fader …


I’m pretty sure that it didn’t even work with Serato when it first came out - and the whole idea of the product is that it’s a standalone player, for people who don’t want to use DJ software…

It now has support from two major DJ programs, so wanting to use it with software that’s not designed to be used with anything other than Pioneer seems pointless to me.

Pioneer does not support any controllers except their own. Rest you need to map yourself.

Holy crap dude!!! I said I understand your point on supported software. So I honestly don’t know what you’re going on about. I just want a properly documented midi command list for my P4 - simple really.

Pointless to… Thats why I’m asking for it & not you :wink:

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You bought a Denon standalone DJ System, and you want to use it as a controller for a Pioneer product?

Maybe you should have just bought a Pioneer controller…


I bought a Denon product with midi capability & I want to use it to its full potential.

Maybe you should read correctly. I never said I want to use it with any pioneer products. But, I do have a Pioneer controller too, thanks for the suggestion though :wink:

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