Rekordbox 7 Released

Rekordbox 7, interesting listening to Mojaxx thoughts on beat gridding… seems the grass on the other side is certainly not the lush green pastures we have been led to believe by people commenting on this forum.


Thanks @AIRVince ive deleted the one i just created lol, typing too fast :slight_smile:

From my P.O.V there are certainly some good ideas within this update, it just re-enforces the point of Denon/Engine making the desktop software useable to actually DJ with also. I actually have not tried to use the match feature with streaming songs on my denon gear so if that is possible that would be good, better still if it can also explore songs not already in the playlist as a means to help with music discovery.

The stems update being held back may have been due to AP believing the aquisition may have gone through and as it has not they are needing to develop from scratch (pure speculation on my part).

Denon does need to press on with stems in fairness as it has not provided an official release yet and even when that happens it remains to be seen if the stems are equal to the likes of VDJ and DJ Pro.

For me DJ Pro has the best sounding stems in my testing at least.

If nothing else it is a warning shot from AP to say show they are trying to address the software side of things.

So will wait to see how Denon/Engine responds.

Not much of a warning shot is it though really, more of a warning fart. Im not sure InMusic have much to respond to in relation to this release.

The match feature looks good, until you realise its useless on their media players, meaning its only there for DJs who use a laptop and controller. Intelligent Cue Points that aren’t really intelligent and don’t actually do much to save time from manually setting it.

To that I would say you are missing the bigger picture, it is a warning shot in my view as it the intention of showing where RB is going, yes there will be areas that will need to be tweaked etc that is the same for any software release these days, once these refinements have been made and are consistent it will cut down a lot of the time spent searching, cueing etc. For established DJ’s this may not be as important but for new DJ’s in particular having the ability to build your set as you are going along and not having to waste time setting cue points could be an appealing prospective.

As it stands Denon/Engine does not have these features, it is possible in time they will be added in some way to the Engine software but there is no time scale for this.

I have said previously that the main battle is about software and whilst Engine OS is powerful in some areas it is also lacking in others, the same can be said for RB as well but again from a beginner’s DJ’s standpoint at face value RB would appear to be the more intuitive and better option. (Subscription to one side)

Yep, and Mojaxx said in the video above it’s easier to just set the cue point yourself rather than having to go back and delete all the ones that got marked incorrectly due to the grids not being lined up.

So those new ‘seen it on face value’ DJs are going to get pretty frustrated pretty quickly

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That is at the moment, do you believe AP will not address this? All I am saying the intention is there to make RB as accessible as possible.

Like they’ve addressed stems, or streaming services on standalone devices?

Not really convinced, no.


Whether you specifically are convinced or not is not relevant, I am referring to what has been released in this update.

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Course it’s relevant, I’m referencing facts about what Alpha have failed to improve/develop in their software in line with expectations. You’re using some minor changes as some kind of benchmark for their progression.

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No you’re missing the point again it seems, there are many issues Denon/Engine needs to address does this prevent the Denon/Engine team providing updates obviously not.

I am talking about what presents as making RB easier to use and accessible, as part of the wider objective (to get new customers) by taking away some of the challenges/barriers to Djing, is it all up to scratch not yet but that is what revisions are for.

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Mixed In Key did this pretty well. It added 8 cue points at the correct phasing based off “energy” levels of the track. Some are off by a few milliseconds which can be annoying to us but I mostly used it to quickly get to a specific point in the track and then adjust on the fly during the mix so not much of a bother for me. Just wish Engine supported Mixed in Key…I moved from Serato to Engine and this is my most missed feature.

Im not missing any point, you have fallen into the worn out internet cliche of making everything into some kind of ‘race’, where brand A does something, brand B has to respond to stop them ‘falling behind’ or ‘losing the race’.

The fact is just because one brand does something, it doesn’t mean any kind of response is needed by another.

You also need to remember that its all well and good Alpha adding these features, but its only to their paid subscription model, meaning many people aren’t going to feel any benefit from it at all.

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Mate just stop you really just put yourself in difficulties, the very nature of business is competition, InMusic and AP are trying to make money both companies have different strategies to do this yes but the overall objective is the same.

Each update or new piece of gear is to show existing and new customers what direction the company is going in as well as to tell the competition that company A is catching up and or surpassed company B this is really basic stuff.

Why did Denon release the sc5000’s and sc6000’s? To compete with the Cdj’s

Why has Denon pressed on firmly with streaming because Denon feels this was the next step (as prior to covid- streaming did not have much traction), AP and other companies have had similar views hence adding streaming services so as not to fall behind which could lead to lost revenue again this is basic.

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You’re the one who needs to stop, you are literally following an internet cliche, its essentially a meme at this point, schoolyard stuff.

Getting drawn into these silly imaginary races is child level IQ.

Take a step back and you might actually realise just how pathetic it sounds “Oh brand X has done this, if brand Y dont react then its over”… its utter waffle.

Yes run along then as you clearly struggle with basic business concepts

Well my evidence base is how business stay in business what is your’s? burying your head in the sand, wishing on a star and hoping for the best give it a rest

I agree with Stu here. Engine DJ does not need to be a clone of Rekordbox.

For starters, their “market sector” is not the same. Engine DJ is free librarian software. It doesn’t need to be performance software, because the Prime range is entirely standalone.

Rekordbox has to also be performance software, because many of Pioneer’s products are only controllers.

Rekordbox users also have to pay a subscription to get full use from the software.

It does get ridiculous - a feature gets added to product A, then suddenly there are floods of posts saying “we need this on product B, it’s essential”.

It’s nonsense. Products do not all have to be 100% identical to each other, to be viable. Choice is good. Products having different feature sets is perfectly acceptable.


For the moment

This was also the case with rekordbox in its early days, until a performance mode was implemented and a subscription system was introduced.

The subscription-based business model for unlocking premium features from all publishers/developers has become more and more the norm in recent years. Even small developers are getting in on the act (hello lexicon).

I definitely hate this business model, which is clearly designed to encourage subscriber retention in order to bring in regular income for the publisher, but in which the subscriber no longer owns anything once they stop subscribing.

I can understand a subscription system for a platform or service that gives access to a catalogue of something, like netflix, spotify, tidal or things like that. But to access features that should have been in the basic product and not offer an alternative licence purchase for those who want it, I think that’s petty.

Not everything should become a rental service.

There’s no guarantee that InMusic won’t also go down this route in the future. They’re already doing it with soundswitch (although they allow you to buy a licence).

One thing’s for sure though, if one day they do, it’ll be without me.

As a great French comedian once said, ‘if people don’t buy it, it won’t sell’. People can choose whether or not to support a business model with their purchase. The more people support this business model, the more developers will continue to implement it, and we shouldn’t complain. In the end, it’s the consumer who decides.

Let’s never forget Klaus Schwab’s quote at the World Economic Forum: ‘You will no longer own anything and you will be happy’.


Same here, i hate subscriptions for software that gets occasional updates, look at Lightroom/PS as an example, £180 a year for the rest of your life to edit photos, after 10 years, £1800, have you been given £1800 worth of content, not a chance.