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Hi, I’m new to the DENON DJ. I have hired TIDAL and when I want to record it won’t let me. Is there no way to record music using TIDAL? In order to record, do I have to have all my music downloaded to a hard drive? Thank you so much Ernesto

Hi, no you can’t record streaming services for very obvious reasons.


There is a way but you will need to invest in a device to do so

Thank you very much to both. TIDAL is a good option to have songs that you don’t have in files. I am a simple amateur, I worked as a DJ many years ago with Lenco, Technics 1500 MKII, Ecler, etc., the topic has changed in recent years. I have the DENON controller connected to a QUAD 44 preamp with a QUAD 606 power amplifier, I have a TAPE input/output and the issue is which device I connect to the REC output of TAPE to record the session I do. I have seen that you cannot use TIDAL on PC with Engine DJ. Ryan what devices do you say I would need? Thank you very much again

Something like a Tascam recorder will do it.

Failing that you can use a Soundcard/Interface to feed sound into a PC and record into Audacity.

Thank you very much, I will try the soundcard/interface option on the laptop with the amplifier

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If you have an old DVS sound card you no longer use, that would also be ideal, you could feed into one of the input channels on there.

No, I do not have. I will buy a USB sound card, install audacity software and connect the amplifier’s recording output to the computer with RCA and that’s it. I hope

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That will work, as long as the device is outputting sound you can take that sound for recording.

I have both prime 4 and prime go, when I want to record from tidal I simply connect one to another and record on secondary device.

The whole ban is nonsense as is it bypassed super easy, and if someone wants to rip music from tidal there are amazing softwares to do so, just link the playlist and it will rip all tracks with proper filenames and metadata.

It might be nonsense to you, but Tidal will have stipulated the rules and it’s in the interest of InMusic to abide by them, otherwise it would mean no Tidal streaming full stop.

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Not very wise either, to be talking on a public forum about doing stuff that you shouldn’t be doing, as it breaks the Ts&Cs of the service, which (by using) you’ve agreed to.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Denon removes the posts, to be honest.

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Probably not to the people being ripped off.


Colleagues, thank you all for your comments. I understand and share the issue of copyright, everyone lives off their services. I don’t want to create a controversy for a question I asked. I am very happy with my Denon and I want to continue like this, I insist, I apologize if I have bothered anyone and I am ending this query, I insist, thank you all very much for your quick responses and help and I hope to continue in contact with you with more topics operational

And we also sympathise with you Ernesto, as a DJ who likes recording his sets I would find it frustrating having to jump through hoops to do so. It’s a shame the pirates have created this situation whereby people aren’t able to record their mixes with streaming music.

To be honest the issue also doesn’t stop there, posting a DJ mix online these days is becoming more and more of a hassle.

Eh? Strictly speaking, people shouldn’t be recording copyrighted material even if they bought it.

When you buy a track, you’re really only buying the right to play it. That’s it.

Typically on physical media there’d be a notice along the lines of “unauthorised recording, broadcasting, public performance and copying is prohibited

That’s been the case since forever.


My advice? Probably not what people agree on but since the first tape recorder hit the commercial shelves we’ve taped records, 8-tracks, compact cassettes, compact discs, mini discs, the charts off the radio on a Sunday night… Taping a mix you did on a streaming service won’t get you 5 years at HMP Belmarsh.

I’d definitely look down my nose at you if you were stealing individual tracks though. I’ve recorded mixtapes in the early 90s for my own use and it helped me become a better DJ. Listening to my blends and striving for the longer, seamless mixes.

The reason why it’s disabled in the Prime gear is that it’s a requirement of Tidal being in the units so Denon DJ obliged. If they allowed their tracks to be recorded then they’d refuse to allow Tidal to be accessed on the hardware.

Mashups are equally as illegal. I own thousands and some that my close friends made (and have gone on to be Brit nominated) and these are still included in my sets. Even a re-drum or edit made in Ableton live is an alteration of the original composition and is against copyright law. I do this regularly to shorten tracks.

My 2p worth is to keep any mixes for your personal collection. Don’t steal the files by playing them in their entirety and recording them as using these in your sets is just theft, plain and simple. If a track is part of a mix then I would preserve a copy for my own development.

May DJs use streaming services while live streaming/archiving a mix and feel there’s definitely a line in the sand between recording a mix and ripping/stealing tracks. Don’t stray over the line into stealing territory.


So effectively you’re saying stealing is wrong, but it’s OK to do so if it’s a mix?


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So my advice is the Howler Recorder, seen it on Digital DJ Tips, portable and has a built in battery, so no external power required for a few set let’s say, £199 not cheap but works and they give it a strong recommendation, I can’t wait to get one myself.