Really bad buzzing/crackling sound when turned on

Hi guy’s,

Have Sc5000 and X1800 and love them, the updates are coming thick and fast, and even the weak link Engine Prime is starting to improve…(more work need though lads ;-), and also a flipping android/ios app to ink to Engine for on the go…)

Had mixer around 2 years never had any issues. The last month or so, bad buzzing sound starts staright away, if you give it a little “love tap” it seemed to sort it…for a while. Now getting line drops as well so guessing it is some internal connection losewire dry solder?

Any thoughts on how to try and fix this? Also has any one else had a similar issue?

Hi @TheTaff-Dj Based on the information provided, additional support from one of our trained Support and Service Specialists is required. Please visit the link below for further assistance with this matter.

Contact Denon DJ Global Support

We apologize for the inconvenience but promise to resolve this for you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Question for JWill or other Denon DJ staff … since this is a frequent topic on the forums for the X1800, does Denon address this issue with customers having the problem beyond their warranty? My mixer is 3 years old and the problem mirrors everyone else - audio dropouts with a clicking noise. I wouldn’t trust local shops versus Denon experts on it. Thank you.

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Well, great. Same happened now to my X1800 as well. Buzzing and clicking, audio drops, etc. - 1 month after end of warranty. This is NOT good. Handed in a service request today which hopefully will be treated still as a warranty claim. So, Denon, let’s see how you handle this. Please professional. Hope this not happens to my SC5000Ms.

Well, unfortunately as expected, it has been almost 3 weeks now and no response from Denon Support about my support enquiry to repair my X1800. So the broken X1800 is still sitting here at home. This is very disappointing. Any way to accelerate this?

This literally just happened to me too! I wonder if it has anything to do with the new update because I don’t remember this happening before

FWIW my sound started distorting like crazy, and I heard cracking/sparking noises from the top of the mixer near the inputs. A restart of the mixer got rid of the issue.

EDIT: started happening again and I managed to take a video of the sounds coming out of the mixer:

I had a similar issue with a Prime 4. I return it

Same issue here

Edit: Found it Mixer making sounds and Audio Dropout - #49 by Reticuli

@Reticuli did this turn out to be a long term fix?

Same for me as well. Well outside the warranty :’(

I di heard nothing, just did it again today… We will see.

Thank You For Contacting Us /


Sorry to hear your mixer is no longer working as expected.

Did they respond yet?

If not, please send @JWiLL a PM with your contact information and he will have someone from the Denon support team reach out directly.

@TheHrdRebel yeah, just did that. Let’s see, if I am getting a response. So far still nothing from Denon.

Mine has just started doing it very dissapointed

I’m so glad I didn’t jump on buying this mixer when they were practically giving them away. I’d already seen a few build issues that people were having and then, “all of a sudden” you could get them for a song. Seems like a sloughing off of shody workmanship to me.

Ok, small update on my broken X1800. First of all big thanks to @JWiLL to forward my service request to German customer support. They contacted me and I could send the mixer in. Very nice contact with the guys there. They regularly update me on the status. Conclusion: mixer will be repaired and for free although I sent it in slightly after end of warranty period. So, yes Denon, although the beginning was a bit bumpy, good job now and well done. Thx again.