Re Import Rekordbox Collection


Apologies if this has been asked before, can you delet and reimport your Rekordbox collection if you have made changes etc

This is also a question from me. I work a lot with rekordbox, but the Prime 2 is such a great standalone controller that I also transfer my collection and playlists to the prime. However, you can import them, but then you always have to remove the old ones before you can put new ones in. Everything has to be analyzed again. Isn’t there an easier workaround?

Lexicon software is a great tool for this.

Well…17 $ per month. We can’t all be Carl Cox I’d say… Seems to me Lexicon is good way to make sure you never will too.

(And than again, I’d say Carl get’s it for free)

No. I would like a solution that makes it seem like it’s a ‘ecosystem’ I payed for. And not an Apple system for people that already have a well paying job.

But then again…who the * am I?


Hi @ShonkaiDJ

I agree, 17 dollars is not cheap.

But it is really the best software for this task, specifically developed for DJ’s. So I think it’s the best solution for the question which was asked.

The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms

This video should be helpful:

Here is an extensive walkthrough and you quickly understand why this is a paid service, the tools are powerful:

Granted, it’s not cheap, and not for everyone, but if you live from DJing this is not a crazy price for what you get. Especially if you have tens of thousands of music files.

Removes duplicates, cleans up your data base, memorises your cue points across Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor, VDJ and Engine DJ… I think the people who developed the software did a great job and answer a big issue many DJ’s have sooner or later.

You can subscribe and then unsubscribe whenever you want, so it’s not like you’re tied forever to the software.

Of course, if you have the time, you can edit everything manually.

I am going to have a look at this, looks like it will do what I want

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I stick to rekordbox and consider the Prime 2 a bad investment. Created by people who like a lot of money and don’t care to think like DJ’s do. It’s nice it reads the Rekordbox USB sticks, just need to have some extra SDcard to be able to switch. I find much better use for the SSD I bought thinking there were developers behind Denon products with a mission to make this a real DJ tool. instead it’s just awfully bad programming that is done. Like it’s 1999 ;-).

btw I’m a 20 year+ IT guy that does understand bout service and creating tools that make my clients life easier. Not a cheap wannabe that sells his clients stuff and if it doesn’t work the way the need it to work let buy and open up another piece of software that should do what they need and than let’s them open up my work again to go on doing what they originally were doing. Thus moving away from looking at a record, choosing it, putting it on and start playing. Instead we now spend our time working around technical problems and paying extra per month because we bought an expensive piece of hardware that has a very long preperation before we can do what we were born for. Making people dance. Being creative. It’s sad. But a lot of green so it must be good.

Just for anyone in this thread. We are not talking about 17 dollars here. We are talking about the price of the console AND 204,00 dollar every year you’d want to work with this console and it’s software ‘ecosystem’ stepping out of and back into the software you play with.

So I mean the internal AND the external ecosystem.

Every dev team has to decide on their pricing. The people who developed the product also want to make money for the program…

It is expensive but it brings value (for those who really need it). If you have 50’000 songs with cue points and metadata information on each song that needs to be exported, it is worth it.

But if your library is already well organized and you know all your records by heart, then it is not worth the money.

In the end we can debate about a price but its all about the value it brings to you.

I would say for professional dj’s who live from their music it’s worth it. For hobbyists or bedroom djs probably not.

If you consider it a bad investment shouldn’t you just sell it and move on to something else?

I personally enjoy using mine for regular gigs, with Engine desktop being used to synchronise music on the SSD I’ve installed inside. Everything works well.

My library is well organized because i was a DJ going digital with serato Live. I think you don’t know what serato live was like, but hey, oke… And Rekordbox messed up my way of working in the beginning, but they had people working for them with a heart for DJ’s. And gradually they got their ecosystem right. You buy it, you get it, no hooking systems. So for people who do not have a feeling for value and bedroom DJ’s with rich daddies who don’t know how to handle their collection, this may be the way. But as you say…when you are already organized. This really messes it up.

Very sad. As much the so called developpers who don’t understand how to work with data and metadata but do know how to extract money from their clients, as for the people who feel happy to be undressed by unseen strangers and pay for it.

You should really get a better grip on your collection boy. You shouldn’t want to need a third piece of software to get it right. You could be a better human being, DJ and free up some time for real creativity. Not being so dependent.

Free your mind…your ass will follow :wink:

I liked the Denon sound compared to pioneer, but this is not worth it, back to my Allen & heat mixer and anyone interested in a Prime 2, hardly used…leave me note.

I am sorry you feel that way, I just gave a possible solution (one of many) for the person who asked a specific question in this topic.

I don’t personally use Lexicon, but I’ve heard great things for people who use it.

Last but not least, we are a community of DJ’s trying to help each other. Let’s keep it respectful and try not to make it personal.

Admins…… about the Anti-bump setting….


You’re right. You did put the effort in to answer the question. Though I may have expressed some unhappiness, I specifically did not mean to make things personal. I think on top of not making things personal, we should not divide DJ’s in two groups. There are many.

The rest of my post was meant to express my complaints about ‘service delivery’. That is IT-slang and mostly used in a business/ professional way to express a certain area of the business of IT/ automation.

‘Free your mind and your ass will follow’ was a bit of a pun using a text from Funkadelic. A funk-band from the 70’s as you might know. I thought that should b do-able in a DJ community.

But to end with the start; yes, you do answer a question in a thread in a community. Completely on-topic so I thank you for that. So please don’t take it personally.

No worries mate :slight_smile:

Happy Dj’ing

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IT person weighing in here! Be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Engine DJ software is free to download.

I made the switch from Pioneer to Denon around 12 months ago, but before I spent any money on the hardware I made sure that the Engine DJ software did everything I wanted to in terms of database management.

I decided to make an adjustment to my workflow on the basis of the way the software handled the files, but I took time to work out what Engine did, and more importantly didn’t do in comparison. These tradeoffs were weighed up against the hardware advantages that Denon bring to the table. Call it my own beta test.

I also took time to look into how I would transfer all of my cues, grids etc. This worked well enough for my purposes, but I knew that I could have used a Lexicon type service for a month should I have wanted to.

Testing the software would not have cost you a penny (or cent), except a little time, and would have saved you the loss on selling your Prime 2 should that be what you decide to do.


Maybe better for you? It’s free :slight_smile:

Well. In the end I’m endlessly positive and I’m sure the changes will show up in the future. Mishta_P: well done. Research should be the first step. My bad. I do think nevertheless, you missed the connecting word ‘ecosystem’ and may be able to feel with me improvements can be made. With that word in mind there is no such thing as a free breakfast. You Always pay for it if you use all.

The quality of the hardware makes it hard to sell the by now unique legacy device. It’s of value. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t have taken it off the market is my wild guess. Whatever. I like the sound and it’s portability.

@swissivory I will surely take a look. Though my connecting ecosystem for Playlist an collection management is a 1 time payed Media monkey Pro where the upgrade from 4 to 5 was free. I have some one time payed community developed plug in, especiay created for DJs and DJ software. My critics are based on having little use for it because the Denon software itself misses the flexibility to keep up with changes. Though other software can work with universal attributes to files, Denon gets confused and makes you start again.

Concluding: the hardware is crazy nice so I’ll keep using it. I expect the world to change for the better no matter how long that may take, so Denon development will follow. And I believe in and pay for open source and community developed software with business models that don’t expect the world to take care of you, for the rest of your life at the cost of losing ‘useless eaters’. It is the destruction of creativity in many ways I think.

Hi all, to @Mark34061 :
Here the answer to your question: Bug found and workaround: No subsequent import from Recordbox Collection
You will find a workaround in my original post.