Question: When can we expect the Prime 4 update?

More than a year has passed since I bought Prime 4, everything works fine, but it lacks many things that are in the Prime 2 for example - listening to the track, different microphone effect, etc. When we can wait for some update, because I’m a little bit impatient.


The first thing that any denon owners know about new firmware is the day the firmware is released - it gets mentioned in the same post as the link to the firmware files.

There is never an advance date given or any sort of 3 month countdown.

It’s just “wait and see” and “it’s here when it’s here”

When it arrives, it might include a free feature that you and 999 other people wanted, or it might include a free feature that someone else and a different 999 people wanted. It might even include a brand new feature than no one thought they wanted, that appears outta nowhere.

Pot luck on when. Pot luck on what.

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I can only suggest that your Prime 4 must be broken, because I can listen to tracks on mine.

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Its being tested as we speak and im sure once its ready and the beta testers give the go ahead for Denon that they will release it and im sure even any new features still wont please everyone im pretty new to the Prime range having recently jump from Traktor to Denon and Engine so being a Traktor user for years im pretty used to not having regular updates and my opinion is unless your gonna add ground breaking features and as long as the software/hardware works to a considerable standard to let us all do our thing no point worrying about new updates and when and when there coming these guys at Denon ate the best in the business and im sure they want to keep everyone happy.

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Closing this topic. 1.5.1 is available, so the subject of the topic has been met. The examples are requested in other posts already.