Proposal: Ability to Disable Sync Indicator

Dear developers, I would like to draw your attention to the necessity of including the option to disable the Sync Indicator function in future software updates.

I would like to justify this proposal with the following arguments:

Preference for Ear-Based Work: Many users, myself included, prefer working with music by ear, without using synchronization and automatic phasing. For us, the display of the Sync Indicator on the screen is an unnecessary and irritating element.

Individual Preferences: As with any instrument, every DJ has their individual preferences and working style. The ability to customize equipment functions will meet the needs of a wide range of users.

Confidence in One’s Abilities: Recent studies show that people tend to trust automation more than themselves. However, in the DJing world, maintaining control over the musical process is a key aspect of creativity, and many prefer to rely on their own skills and intuition.

Unique Hardware Features: The SC5000 and SC6000 devices have a special screen architecture that makes the Sync Indicator more noticeable even when displaying two tracks simultaneously. Considering this, the ability to disable the Sync Indicator becomes particularly relevant for users of this equipment series.

Ease of Implementation: Adding the option to disable the Sync Indicator to the equipment settings will require minimal effort from developers and will not affect the functionality of other system elements.

Thank you for your time and for the wonderful operating system - SC players are the best in the modern DJ equipment market!


Are you talking about the Phase meter?

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I’m surprised that you forgot our conversation a few days ago in the “Sync indicator functionality” topic in the “Media Players” section. Here is the link to that discussion: Sync indicator functionality. Regarding your question, in the player settings, this feature is called “Sync indicator.”

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