Problem with tracks reloading into Engine

Hi team.

Ive noticed a strange issue whereby tracks ive owned for a long time re-appear in my collection with a newer ‘date added’, despite no modification from my end. Ive included the screenshot below to demonstrate the problem. A track I bought in 2022 and have been playing since then has now appeared as only being uploaded into Engine in August 2023.

As you can see it’s now showing Red in the history tab and has its original ‘date added’ in there.

You are not using any two way cloud / nas / backup by any chance?

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I’ve got Time Machine working to a time capsule, no specific music backup.

I don’t use Time Machine for my files, is it possible Time Machine is writing to the files by any chance after it back ups

It could be, the bit I don’t get is the modified date on the file in finder? Surely that would update if changes had been made?

Moin @STU-C,

some weeks ago I reported on a similar strangeness as follows, but never heard again about from any side

The dates are changed when you make a copy or amendments like to insert an hot-cue …

Sometimes I suppose, the header of the list is not identic with the name of the field in the data base and so the meaning of the content differs and mismatches and confuses.

If you compare with Window’s explorer you may detect this strangeness as well (sorry I have no English OS)

  • so pls have a look at

I think, you are much more skilled in IT knowledge than me and so I only can assume

Enjoy the weekend and brgds BeatMaster

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