Date on histories is wrong?


I have noticed my usb show play history dates incorrectly, anyone encountered this please? Not sure how to fix, hasn’t ever been wrong before now.

Any advice be great thank you :slight_smile:

Can you give some examples of what exactly is wrong? And do you have your date and time setup correctly in the unit itself?

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I dont believe I have ever set the date, its always been correct since 2019, let me check! :man_facepalming:


Is it showing a date but the wrong one? Or just no date at all?

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Dear all and @JWiLL, good morning ,

against the background of this post, I want to report on something strange. I detected this at the first time after upgrading to, but I was never in the mood to report on.

This issue regards Engine DJ (DeskTopVersion) and I think, now it’s the right moment, to report on and the steps are as follows:

  1. Plug in my USB stick (containing my tracks, Engine Lirary and so on)
  2. View “Files”: Date Created" and “Date Added” are shown correctly
  3. Toggling to view “Drives”: In this view the above mentioned dates are correct.
  4. Toggling back to view “Files”: The mentioned dates are all wrong namely changed to “01/01/1970
  5. Toggling back to the view “Drives”: The dates are correct.
  6. Toggling back to the view “Files”: No chance to see the correct dates or to search for the date Created or Added (even after pressing F5 on the keyboard)

This isssue occures on my server and on my laptop as well, USB sticks exfat formatted, Windows 11, same issue on different USB sticks

Rebooting Engine DJ will show you the right date once and afterwards you will loop at step 3.

Question: Please, did anybody of you detect this issue as well? And please any assistance will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

Brgds BeatMaster

From what I can tell, these players are computers with no CMOS battery to hold the date and time. They need to sync every boot up with an NTP server otherwise they will default to their default date and time.

Connect them to the internet via wifi or hard wire Ethernet (I recommend this), and this should resolve your issue.

I never realised, when I moved the players to my outdoor space in the summer, they lost connectiont to the network…this happened at the beginning of June, hence the incorrect date.

I connected them back up and voila!

Thank you, apologies for wasting time


Nothing is wasted time when it’s a genuine question.


I imagine it happens more than not :grin:

Engine 3.1.1 on macOS Monterey 12.6.8. The date added rendering is def not right on the history screen. Every one of mine shows 31/12/1969, except for tracks in red that are moved or no longer in my collection. The date added is correct on the collection screen.

Not that it really matters much. I don’t really need that column.

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Moin @androphonic and all others,

not only the date of “History”. Pls have a look at my post here with number 4. Could you pls be so kind as to have a look at this constellation and pls confirm or deny the result of your investigation.

Thanks in advance for your endeavours in this matter .

Brgds BeatMaster

Moin @djliquidice,

thanks for your advise and sorry for any delay.

If I check my USB Stick with the windows’ explorer, all dates are proper. When I start with Engine DJ the dates are proper as well. You can see it in the documention above. The problem occures, when I start toggling between the views and furthermore after the latest update.

So I think, it’s a bug and I’m interested in if anybody else has this problem.

Thanks again for your endeavours in this matter

Brgds BeatMaster

My Prime Go didn’t get connected to the internet for six months due to working away with only captive portal connection (so no time sync) and it always displayed the correct time. They’ll be a battery on there.

I would check there is the correct time zone/offset setup and re-sync to the internet to get the correct time.


Funny thing about this time is that it’s 1 day shy of what is known as the “epoch”. Seeing this makes me wonder if it’s truly a bug.

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Moin @djliquidice,

thanks for your explanation and the link. It will match with my date “01.01.1970”.

But I’m still surprised why this problem occures since v3.1.x and on different USB Sticks or harddrives and on different gears (LapTop / PC). In the past imo the date was proper and when I have a look at the Windows Explorer it looks properly as well.

Big surprise for me, as I’m sure to have solved the 2K problems for more than 23 years.

I’m really interested in hearing more in this matter and if DENON phps has an explanation or even a solution and if other users have detected the same curiosity.

Enjoy the day and thanks a lot for your explanation.

Brgds BeatMaster

I looked into my own database instance and noticed that I have a ton of records that display with the following:

Not sure if this is directly related or not, but the “year” column in the database for these records is NULL.

It’s hard for me to see this as a bug as in my case, the date created is/was corrupt at one point, making Engine DJ more of a source of truth than not.

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Good day to you, dear @AirVince and @Reese,

could you pls be so kind as to start investigation from DENON’s side to exclude that this curiosity is a bug in the ENGINE DJ / ENGINE OS.

Furthermore to prevent an enlargement of this post.

Thanks for your endeavours in this matter and DENON’S feedback is highly appreciated.

Brgds from HAM


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