PRIME GO work with Serato DJ Pro?

I’m assuming eventually the GO will be a native controller for Serato DJ Pro?


Atomix have said that the Prime Go is not compatible with the Denon SDK they’re using to get the Prime series working with VirtualDJ. So it seems Denon don’t plan on having the Go work as a controller.

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Damn! I was hoping that would happen one day!


I think the days of “compatible with” x y or z DJ software are coming to an end.

It would be great to have someone on the Denon development team comment on this (not to cast aspersions on the info brought to us by @PKtheDJ, and thank you for sharing it).

The Prime Go is great for what it is, but I was hoping that it would eventually become a nice little Serato controller that I could put on my table at a wedding and still have room for my dinner plate :laughing:

Also still hoping for mic EQ :crossed_fingers:


I’d very much like to see this feature added for additional options while traveling… I have issues occasionally with the software reading the SD cards quickly… Would like to see Serato as an option to make this really the ultimate portable machine…


The Prime Go is absent from the recent announcement of support from VirtualDJ, so I think it’s safe to say that Denon do not plan on adding DJ software support to the Go.

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You could always stream live as well as an option.

As @PKtheDJ said, for Virtual DJ to leave the unit out, either it was an explicit request by Denon or the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

I sorta assumed any one that buys the go is pretty happy with staying on the Prime side for everything.

Guess I was wrong

No matter how many sweets you get in the packet, you always want something extra :candy:

Like mic EQ on the Go. You can see it doesn’t have mic EQ. You can read it doesn’t have mic EQ. If you can’t live without mic EQ why did you buy it? :man_shrugging:

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Correct… although they did mention they may add the mic EQ in a future software update… I’m hopeful they do the same with other software integration…




what could not work but still be used with a software backup?

if the unit is down how will the software work? Not to start a war here but when Denon made the prime units it was for stand alone. I don’t get when a stand alone unit come out people want to use it for serato an another software. what’s the purpose having a touch screen if you still going to use the laptop? if that’s the case just buy the mc7000? is it me or am I missing something :crazy_face:


Yes… true… the standalones were built for that purpose… but they are now all compatible with Virtual DJ with the exception of the Prime Go… The Prime 4 is compatible with Serato… If they all run essentially the same OS then they could all be used as secondary (Prime Go) or main controllers (the others) for those of us that have built extensive libraries using Serato or Rekordbox etc… Engine Prime is not as intuitive… I just like having the options knowing that its possible to use…


I think and this is my guessing because the prime go is battery power. we won’t see any dj software for it. might suck a lot of power from both engine os an laptop. I know you can plug it into a power outlet. but that defat the purpose of having a portable run on the go. that’s why they choose the sc5000 to prime 2 they are power outlet that could handle it. :wink:

I think that denon have been tolerant of laptop/computer connections in the past despite the huge drain on support resource that functionality introduces.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more smart consoles, but less with midi / HID computer software connectivity in the future

True on that! I think denon did a amazing job with there prime units that there’s no need for laptops dj software. Engine os is looking good the more they hear us the better there update an firmware gets better

It’s annoying to badmouth or downplay other user’s suggestions, just because you don’t need them. I don’t need RGB waveforms or VDJ support either, yet, I respect user requests, as long they are viable.

Yes, Engine Prime made great steps into the right direction, big kudos for the Denon engineers. However, it remains a preparation software, unlike Rekordbox or Serato which you can also use to perform. And there are situations, where the small screens of the Prime 2 and Prime Go are just not sufficient for heavy library focused standalone workflow. Flexibility is the magic word.

All engine units share the same OS, all of them are as good as pricey, and the Prime 4 already has SDJ support, so definetly a +1 from me to allow all of them to work with Serato DJ and all of them become nice Swiss Army knifes to kick the competitor’s butt.


Removeable storage. If you lose your USB or SD card when you’re packing for a gig, you could opt to take your laptop instead.

leave the SD card in the player. Always have backup copies on USB and SD.