PRIME GO OUTPUT issue failure

Has anyone had any issues with the master output, on the Prime Go? At first the crackle and hiss interference was thought to be speaker failure or an issue with the main mixer. Unplugging the Go and swapping cables, outputs and channels with the second prime go soon identified it was the Prime Go unit it’s self… The Go was bought sept 2020 .

Hey @Toylander - Sorry to hear you’re running into some issues. Have you created a ticket with technical support yet? You can do so here: - They’ll be able to help you determine if it’s a hardware issue and how to get it repaired if needed.

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Thanks for the link, will keep post updated as to any problem or fault found :+1:

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Hello @Toylander did you have any feedback on this issue ?

@Anthony_DDJ or any DenonDJ staff :slight_smile: Hello the team, i have opened a ticket support yesterday on the denondj website about my 2 issues. Can someone please reply to me ?

Regards, Trice

Hey @djtrice Happy to look into this. DM me your email so I can follow up.

@Anthony_DDJ hello, DM sent yesterday. Did you received it ? Any update ? Regards.

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Hello. I have problems with the master output. Crackling with rapid exposure. At the moment, I gave it for diagnostics. I also have the following problem with the master output, described in the topic Clicks when tracks are loading on 2.0.x firmware, Prime GO

Hey @TesTov - Sorry to hear you’re running into some issues. Have you created a ticket with our support team? You can do so via - Please do share any videos to help our team understand your situation. Also, mention the latest version of Engine DJ you’re using and your computer specs.

Good afternoon. The ticket was created, but no response was received. Problems 2. One of them is described in a separate topic by link Clicks when tracks are loading on 2.0.x firmware, Prime GO . The second problem is clicks with a sharp impact on the master. This problem is being diagnosed in repair, I will write here as something becomes known. In fact, the first problem mentioned separately in another topic is very disturbing. There was no response in the ticket, no one answers on the forum, you are the first one who answered. Because of this problem, I cannot use Denon prime go on the new firmware 2.0.x. There is no such problem on firmware 1.6.2. I also noticed that on firmware 2.0.2, the problem has become a little less, but it remains. A familiar person on a newer revision of Denon prime go does not have this problem. P.S. I apologize for the English. I use a translator, I am not a native speaker.

Hey @TesTov - Thanks for sharing the info and thought I’d follow-up. Feel free to DM me your email and I can connect you with someone.

I’ve send back my prime go to the seller last week. I will keep you updated for the repair status.

apologies for the late update to this issue. The Primego was sent back to Denon, where the problem was found to be with the Main output Board. As we ourselves had already worked out as the issue was only when we used the XLR balanced master outputs. The cost of the repair was £145 plus shipping to Denon. The unit was just out of Guarantee and I believe this fault was on the unit from New if it wasn’t for Covid we would have picked this fault up earlier. Overall this has been a bad customer experience, for what was a new item. Since its repair the unit has been used twice a month and has performed faultlessly alongside our second Primego.

The controller was sent off to denon for investigation and diagnosis A replacement output board was required Total cost £145