Prime Engine 2 is out but

Still no active loop :disappointed:


Still no edit tags or file management on Prime 4 HDD :pensive:


It wasn’t going to have every single one of the hundreds and hundreds of requests in, though.

Not even the easy, simple, 99.9997% of DJs spoken to want it and won’t buy it without it features

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Nobody is saying otherwise. Just that this was existing on V1 before getting removed on V1.5+ and it’s an existing feature on all software etc. Not big deal, seems it’s in the working.

Is this not supported MCX8000, yes? Why didn’t you tell about it? I install your ■■■■, what should i do now? I cannot install previous version.

Why not? You can uninstall 2.0 and install 1.6. The version 1 database is maintained.

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It’s in the FAQ


I can confirm it’s on our list (among many other features) for a future release :slight_smile:


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