PRIME 4 with a on screen Samplers

I would like to see PRIME 4 with a virtual / on screen Samplers I would like a sample on the screen five or six pads for now. or can we put it on the pads i don’t use the roll triggers or beat Slicer something like that


Yes I think this is definitely the only thing missing on this unit is a sampler that would make it a must buy for multi genre DJ’s


Samplers need some pretty buttons with record and play writen on them on the screen which is easy probably

But samplers also need hardware memory to work too - without stealing that memory from other system processes, like loading the whole track into memory before playing or onboard analysis or waveform display. Would we sacrifice these feature just for sampler ?

How much hardware memory does a sampler really need i would think this is easy to do

If you only wanted very short samples , like half a second , at grainy 128kbps mp3 quality of the same song you already have load in player then it wouldn’t take much memory

But if you want long loop samples of a different track to play over a different track at high wav quality then it’s needs lots of hardware memory

To be honest I’m more interested in DJ Drops as I’m an open format dj and sometimes to switch genres I use drops.


I’d just play the drop from another layer

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Actually thought about this not a bad idea.

The classic sampler of all classic samplers the AKAI MPC 2000XL shipped with 2MB of onboard memory (expandable to 32MB of RAM) and samples were loaded via the onboard storage 3.5" Floppy drive (though you could get a SCSI ZIP drive and upgrade that sucker to 100MBs or 250MBs). So @DJGusGomes, your intuition is correct…not much.


i would make Mp3’s containing 8 samples and then just hotcue every sample

deck 3 & 4 , that’s 16 samples , though you can only run 2 samples simultaneously

you wouldnt be able to create the samples on the fly though, unless you use the record feature

in the future it would be nice if you could attach a launchpad to your device for sample playing, or ekstra hotcues/loop


We can use a usb keyboard too search on the p4 this would be nice to use the keyboard like in serato to trigger the sampler

The issue is where to route the audio, not just triggering a sample. You could just send it out through the mains, but that really isn’t good enough. It needs to have independent volume adjustment, and the ability to cue. My DDJ-SX has it’s own sample channel for just that purpose, Denon may have dropped the ball on this one.

For my dj drops or samples, I make one file/track and set a hot cue for each sample. I can then load it into deck 3 or 4 and just use the hot cue to trigger the sample. Just make sure you leave a few seconds of dead air between each sample.

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Thing is… only a percentage of DJs would even use an sort of sampler, especially with 4 independent channels available.

Adding either physical controls to the space available around/between existing controls, or adding them virtually to get another layer on-screen could tip the balance for some, into the realms of “too cramped” and/or “too complicated”.

This could be the reason that denon haven’t included hardware samplers and their related bunch of buttons for the last few years

I think a basic sampler where you can add loops and/or individual samples to the pads would be great. In fact, you could make sampler containers that can hold up to 8 individual samples (in the hotcues) and 8 loops (in the loops page) that can be triggered or toggled via the pads would be amazing.

Right now the option is to create an audio file with 8 samples and/or loops spaced out, but I think having the container would be great because you could save the entire sampler bank and load it up. Then, you could swap out individual samples and such. Would be amazing to have on deck 3 or 4 while mixing tracks together.

I feel like this could be a lot of work for the dev team, but to me, this is the only thing missing when switching from using a laptop with DJ software like Serato or Traktor. This basic functionality was introduced into the S2MK3 and even the Traktor Z2 which is all I really need to use when DJing.


I agree totally with you

Not a big deal, just pre-load a hot cued track on an unused channel dedicated for drops

You can use shift ROLL on the pads to access samples. Denon needs to put something to accommodate samples and drops

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Yes - like that

one option for a workaround could be the ability to be able to use the performance pads for deck 3 while deck 1 is selected.

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Which software do you use to cut the various drops from the songs and then compose a single MP3 in which to go to insert the Hot Cues to launch the 8 samples per deck?