PRIME 4 TO Streamlabs OBS

My Prime 4 arrives tomorrow, and my intention is to use it to live stream sets to twitch using streamlabs OBS. Will I need an audio interface/external soundcard to add the prime 4 output as an audio source? or, will a usb cable from the Prime 4 to the laptop be sufficient? Thanks for the help.

For myself i do it the classic way means i use one of the Prime outputs (Booth in my case) which goes into the streaming machine using line-in. I dont think you can do it via USB since theres no dedicated software record out.

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Agree with Ciacomix here … having Prime 4 audio connected via Red/White cinch to 3,5 jack throught line-in on back of my PC … cinchs are connected in master out zone

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Thanks guys I went ahead and ordered a scarlett solo and a Y cable to run from master XLR to audio interface to usb into my laptop.

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Or you could get a 20 euro Behringer UCA sound card and hook it up nicely.

or this for 15

If you can find one online

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Hi Lord Mufasa :grin: any suggestions for budget audio interface to stream on Instagram / record video set via mobile apart from rode sc4 ?

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The €20 Behringer works with mobile devices as well. It’s class compliant.

You will need the Camera kit connector for iPhone or OTG for Android

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Guys, how can I convert the XLR output (Both) to an RCA connector to connect it to the input of the sound card (or other devices)?

Get a cable that does that.

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Thanks. :+1:

Yesterday I looked for cables to convert XLR to RCA, but the results obtained were all to convert RCA to XLR, that is, to use them as RCA output and input in amplifier with XLR connector. Those models connect two pins of the XLR connector together, so they are good for entering XLR but they are not good for exiting XLR because they short-circuit the negative pole with the ground.

Instead these recommended seem right: they specify from XLR to RCA.


I know. You need to get the right one.

You will need Female XLR for the booth end and Male RCA for the soundcard end.

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I know, I know … like a broken record … but I maintain that the Yamaha AG03 is THE solution if you want to stream AND add a (phantom-powered) microphone with extensive EQ/FX/Compression options to your setup AND have a high-end (24-bit/192KHz) desktop usb-(powered) soundcard AND mixer with recording options (lite version of Cubase included) and have some extra redundancy when playing out as a mobile DJ.

I still consider it one of the best investments in gear I made in the last couple of years.

Yamaha AG-series - The Why.pdf (373.3 KB)

Good tip, but to the best of my knowledge streaming services will broadcast at 128kbps.

Was highlighting that as part of the “extra’s” this unit has. For example recording your own stuff and post-producing it, just to mention one option. Or playing back high-end audio over your connected monitors.

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I bought a zoom q2n4k to do this and I hope I dont need to come here and ask for help…

But witch one is the right cable? Can i use for example the ccabel from the big t.?

Regards from Germany

Update: I followed this youtube video on getting my setup running:

The important thing is to look for a cable with XLR FEMALE connector on one side and the RCA MALE connector on the other side.

There are also on the market converters from “XLR FEMALE” to “RCA FEMALE”, they must be inserted in the BOTH output (or whatever you want) and you will get an RCA connector available to connect a classic RCA cable as happens in connection with systems Domestic HIFI.

You could also stream via VirtualDJ.

The software supports streaming directly. No need for OBS.

I believe the Prime 4 is now fully supported in VDJ, screens and all (they recently made a Prime 4 screen skin available, which automatically loads when the P4 is connected).

Are you sure? I downloaded VDJ over the weekend but Prime 4 was not present among the implemented consoles.