Prime 4 to be Replaced / EOL?

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According to a video posted last night by well-known Spanish DJ Vlogger Sergei Rez (NEW 🆕 Sustitutas de DDJ-400, DJM-900NXS2, nuevas all-in-one DENON... - YouTube, in Spanish), the Prime 4 has been or will be discontinued shortly, and replaced by a “Prime 4+” refresh.

Any clues on whether this will happen in 2022 or in 2023?

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We never seen here such info…

Not official but my retailer told me that the Prime 2 was gone, so I think the general concensus is its EOL.

By “here” do you mean this forum?

Yes, like no official statement was made that Prime 4 is EOL.

There is no announcement which leads to this.

The only fact is that Denon will launch SC Live 2 and 4, which will have Semi-Pro and beginners (Bedroom DJs) as the target group.

An official Denon local retailer replied to me this afternoon via email that the Prime 4 is EOL and that a new model will be announced shortly. I’m curious to see how this plays out!

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Prime 4 isn’t EOL.

Drop that screenshot

At this point, this is currently senseless to discuss. Wait until Denon gives an official statement. Then you know the facts.


It only makes sense that the P2 and P4 are EOL. They are dropping the L2 and L4 in October as mid-tier devices, and then in January (NAMM) they will announce the successors (top-tier) to the P2 and P4. Then Denon will have a standalone price tier for every demographic…just like Pioneer.


So many people on the internet are failing to understand this concept too.

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Exactly. Anything else is guesswork and rumour-mongering

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Mojax said today that prime 2 is discontinued, but prime 4 remains the main stand alone unit from Denon.


I don’t want to get some random employee fired, so I won’t be posting it publicly. If anyone (like myself) was just about to purchase a PRIME 4 unit and is rethinking the way forward because of this, I’ll be happy to share the screenshot privately.

Hopefully someone else from this forum can get a similar confirmation from a different Denon distributor in a different country.

As @st3vnkin9 mentioned below, if no-one else knows anything its just pure speculation at this point.

My P4 has been my workhorse for years for both weddings and corporate events. I primarily use it in standalone mode (Serato interface is less-than stellar) and it has more than paid for itself multiple times over the years. If/when a successor is announced (which I predict with come at NAMM) it will have to have substantial changes to pursuade me to upgrade (i.e. Larger touchschreen, SC-size jog wheels, improved Serato interface, built-in 5G).

If its true its a shame. Prime 2 is outstanding unit. I have mine for almost 2 years now, never had any problems with it and I’m absolutely satisfied with it :slight_smile:


Prime 2 IS EOL

Prime 4 is NOT

For a few more months anyway. I’d be really surprised if a successor wasn’t announced at NAMM.

Same here. I am devastated that my Prime2 unit is now discontinued. I’ve played so many gigs with it and no issues at all. I don’t know if selling it and buying this SC Live 4 is a good idea or not, but I like the old layout more.