Prime 4 tidal issues that need to be fix

Prime 4 not storing bpm and key on all song played from tidal, also with million of song on tidal no way to pick song by bpm and key with out downloading the song so takes too long to find a song to match the playing bpm specially with request, so tidal is useless without the bpm and key prior downloading, there is no use to tell the customer that you can play any song if you cant figure out when to play it quickly, also the need of using a laptop to create a playlist in tidal hurts prime 4 on ease of use, I can make a crate in soundcloud from my phone and have it in serato very fast, not with tidal or prime 4, is all this going to be fix? I would like to know

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Hi @DjSaavy - Welcome to the community!

If you have a source drive connected and selected. You can save TIDAL metadata. Without a drive there is no memory to store the analyzed and performance data to. There is a pop up message that informs you of this when you connect to TIDAL.

I would not call access to 50 million tracks useless. He’s one useful example, a patron at your event asks for a song but you don’t have in your personal collection, flip to TIDAL and perform a quick search, boom its there, you’re a hero.

It seems like you’re forgetting this is the first integration of music streaming on any standalone device by any manufacture. The integration will mature over time. If there is a feature that would benefit your workflow, you should request it in the PRIME 4 feature request area.

Yes, you can do this with TIDAL and PRIME 4 as well. Make a ‘Request List’ playlist on your phone/tablet, add a song to that playlist, go to that playlist on the PRIME 4. The only extra step is to click in and out of this playlist on the PRIME 4 to refresh the data and see the recently added music.

What needs to be fixed exactly? Is something not working for you?

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Near future will see a lot of functionality added to the streaming/pool services. Like lockers, playlists (already done in Tidal, you can prepare that on your PC and then have it ready for you on the P4 - love it!) and other ways to prepare in advance.

As a mobile DJ, the greatest appeal is, as the example suggested by @JWiLL, the option to search for requests. As long as you know artist and/or (part of) the title, chances are fair you can find it. Downloading takes less than 20 seconds (at lossless quality)! And analyses is pretty much done when downloading is done. You can then pre-listen to the track and determine if it fits directly or if you have to play it at a later time.

While I don’t see myself trusting online content for playing an entire gig, it would be foolish not to see the enormous potential. Having a core collection (say 800 -1.500 tracks fully prepped) on local “hard” devices and then using online sources to compliment that. I can see that work well :smiley:

My three cents as usual.


It will be nice also to be able to play a PLAYLIST on the ZONE OUT … you CAN NOT play Tidal Playlist on the ZONE OUT … only from hard drive… :confused: … Also… I don’t think the BPM is working correctly on TIDAL… I have SoundSwitch … and it only dims my Chauvet led lights!.. No pixel mapping, no BPM sound activated… :confused:

New technology needs early adopters to help iron out the wrinkles. So, you either wait and avoid the hassle of stuff not working (yet, quite) as expected and leave things on the shelf for now … or … you buy stuff as it first hits the shelf and accept the drawbacks.

There is, imho, no way to have both. Especially when there is a lot of innovation in a product.

Perhaps it was not the best-worded, but the OP has a legit point. Tempo is a big problem with the TIDAL integration, as much as I like to use it. Right now, the TIDAL integration it’s basically a side tool – for songs requests on the fly – as you described.

However, if one could build their playlists in TIDAL, and sort by TEMPO *TEMPO being the keyword here, this would be a godsend. Right now, there is no way to sort by tempo. If you wanted to have a tempo-sorted playlist for an easy, ready-to-go DJ set, you’d have to pre-arrange each and every song within TIDAL according to it’s tempo. Unlike being able to load actual downloaded songs into ENGINE and have it pre-sort by tempo.

I realize DENON can’t do much about it, as this is a flaw of TIDAL, but it’s just a shame because this is like a magic tool to solve so many problems that is about 85% of the way there – just needs the key component for a DJ – TEMPO!

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Get complaining to Tidal then. They won’t do anything unless they know about it. Give them feedback :slight_smile:

Hi again, Your point are correct to a point if the song that is requestested is not in my library and I need to find it in tidal, is possible the problem is having the ability to know the bpm and key to put it in at the correct time the process take to much time, also I try the playlist thing is not that easy if the song is not in my library and I find it and added to a playlist so I can easily find it during a set and I have another tidal song in the prime4 it will disconnect the prime 4 if the tidal account is been use by other devices so I loss my tidal connection on the prime 4 for trying to find a song that I have to wait to load to also get the bpm and key to figure out when to put it in during a quick mix set plus manage the dance floor making sure keep guest dancing and lighting thank god for adj my dmx that makes this easier that should be incorporated in the prime4 as a update can you imagine prime4 perfectly controlling the light show with the music been played that would be a mind blowing experience removing another piece of hardware making it a truly mobil dj full system, and one more thing is been over a year since it was announced that prime 4 will be working with tidal, soundcloud and other services and all we got so far is tidal, now I’m paying 2 service when I can use both in serato dj but not in my standalone prime4 dont take me wrong i love the prime 4 is a great piece of equipment but I dont think is been developed to it’s full potential, there is more concern on making other prime unit and leaving prime 4 in the back collecting dust, well at least that is how I feel, i report a problem or concern to serato dj and by the next update something has happened in the correct direction, I know I’m not a famous dj but I work hard and invested my money in your equipment because all the possibilities promised that where told in show and youtube videos about this unit, I would like to see prime 4 be able to play music videos with out the use of a 3rd party equipment and software, like you guys say standalone dj system. It is a very powerful system dont let it sit and be forgotten because limitations thank you for listening hope this comment is not taking in the wrong way I just love my prime 4 and I just want to do more with it.

Are you hoping that a firmware update would give this feature soon?

Yes a standalone DJ System - without a video output.

I want a cup holder in that case. And don’t you say that it is not possible because that would be limiting this great standalone system.

It must also keep my beer chilled & my feet warm :joy:

Hmmmm, Denon DJ branded slippers - there’s an idea.

Slippers for winter & flip-flops for summer :+1: :+1:

NO! Your jog wheels won’t work :joy:

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Well… We still do have a box filled with shoulder pads at the fanclub if you’re interested, thanks to @reese :joy::joy:


Well I think it has a video output is the rj45 network connection used to connect the pc or laptop , if it can connect to a network via rj45 should be able to send data to a tv or projector with a rj45 connection that must now days have

This just crossed my mind as well.

Ethernet to Video output dongle

Is the juice worth the squeeze though

It will be a ballsy move

You see shoulder pads - I see face masks. :smile:

The issue with Tidal integration is that you cannot sort by key or bpm. I saw another poster say that this was an issue with Tidal - but this can’t be true as Algoriddim’s DJay app integrates with Tidal (I’ve got it and use it) and you certainly can sort by both bpm and key from the DJAY app.

So… Denon what’s up? I’m an owner is a pair of sc5000’s - I love them, I love the fact I can stream high quality tracks on Tidal but it’s just missing a key component (if you’ll excuse the pun) of missing this functionality.

Would love to hear what the plan is from Denon staff.