Prime 4 doesn´t work after update 2.1.2

Hello Community.

I have a big problem and hopefully you can solve it.

Last Week i updatet my prime 4 via OTA to 2.1.2. It worked fine that evening and after my session I turned off the controller via Power Button. Now one week later I turned on the controller and the device was going into the menu, but no lights were flashing.

I wasn´t able to load tracks or something else and the controller shuts down automatically into an update screen. Here he wants to update controller (rescue) Version 1.39 an Mixer 1.48.

But ater processing the 1.39 Rescue, the controller turned off and nothing happens.

After that I tried it several times but the problem was still there.

Next step was Downgrading via blue Cable an PC to 2.0 by pushing Power + Eject. But the problem was still there.

Now i ejected all Sticks, SD-Cards and the SSD.

I downgraded to 1.5.2 and 1.6.1…

But nothing helps.

I have sent a message to denon support so far but got no answer yet.

Is there anything i havent tried? Anyone an idea?

Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

You are the 2nd on the forum with 2.1.2 OTA problems, here’s my experience: Prime 4 Over The Air (OTA) update to 2.1.2 went wrong --> black screen - #8 by OOKAMI

At least your screen is still reactive…

I’m in contact with Denon support but it appearantly it’s very busy and communcation is very slow.

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Thanks for your answer. It seems that there are partically Problems with this Update espicially via OTA.

I was in touch with the german Support of InMusic at the telefon.

They had no idea left but wanted to take a look on the Controller.

So I have to sent it in. Hopefully they can fix it.

Biggest Problem so far is, that my warranty isn’t there anymore because I bought it in Februar 2020.

I will answer in a couple of days, if they had a solution.

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