Prime 4 crossfader lagging or broken

Hi all.

I just tried for the first time learning from some DJ scratch tutorials.

The problem is when I set the fader curve to cut, and move the fader all the way to the closed position, the sound is still audible. If I click it closed again it might close and stop the sound. Sometimes I close the fader then a few seconds later the music stops. Like a delay. Or like the fader didn’t realise it was closed for a few seconds. This happens when moving super slowly or simply clicking the fader.

My question is, is the fader in the Prime 4 mechanical as such, or is it software driven?

I don’t want to buy a new fader (it really shouldn’t be broken after 2 weeks of light use) if its a software bug.

PS I’ve been using the Prime 4 for about 2 weeks of ‘normal mixing’ and didn’t notice any problems. It’s only when trying to ‘cut’ the sound with the fader.

Thanks for any advice. C.

=== UPDATE ====

Swapping the cross-fader fixed the issue:

@PKtheDJ any ideas?

Sounds like a dodgy crossfader to me.

I’m assuming you have done the usual assignments of the decks to the appropriate sides of the crossfader.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try a new fader. The fact it works then doesn’t i assume it’s not a setting. The innofader mini plus seems to be compatible.

I advise you to wait. That’s a hardware problem with the xfader, it happened to me too. But if you have the skills to use an electronic soldering iron, that problem is solved within 10 minutes. I did and since that day my xfader has become super reliable. If you are interested in making the modification, I can send you photographs, but you must have an electric soldering iron for electronic components.

Thanks for the info. I ordered the innofader mini plus which has a cable socket (no solder needed) I’ll let you know now it goes :slight_smile:

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I dropped an innofader in my prime 4 and it’s awesome. I had the same problem that you were talking about. Left position on the crossfader would bleed when fully closed. Innofader much quieter than the stock Denon fast and cuts better.

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mine also on the prime 4 is showing signs of weakness, can you say more about what needs to be soldered or resoldered? thank you

Of course. Over the weekend I will take pictures and a little tutorial on what to do. Wait until Monday.

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great thanks a lot

I updated the post with pics…

@madmax Here is the tutorial I promised: