Prime 4+ and Amazon Music Unlimited

Just picked up the Prime 4+ and debating the Amazon MU subscription. There does not seem to be a lot of information out there and what I have found I am not sure is accurate so any help is appreciated.

  • Heard you can only play/load 2 AMU tracks at the same time on 4 deck Prime 4+?
  • Heard you need a unit (Prime 4+) with the chip to utilize the AMU subscription but you can’t play songs offline is this true?
  • Can AMU songs be played through Engine DJ software? Setup in a playlist in Engine DJ?
  • Is it true AMU provides no BPM etc. other than basic tag info?

I appreciate any insight - Thanks.

  • Yes
  • Yes (but it’s the same for all other streaming services)
  • No (but it’s the same for all other streaming services)
  • Yes

In conclusion if you do not already have a Amazon account there are better choices for DJ-ing

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100% agree on that, and if its dance music, 1000% agree.


Thanks for the reply, as stated there’s not a lot of info or opinions out there on AMU. I don’t have the subscription and just download the odd requested or fill in a hole here and there. I get most of my new stuff from a record pool and thought maybe…

I used Pulse a few years back with Serato and it bit me in the ass when they shut down (out of business) at 5:00 pm on a Friday night so that’s why I asked.

Thats the number one reason I buy my music… you have the right approach to streaming, to use for requests, tracks you wouldn’t want to waste money on buying.


my thoughts, and they may not align with others. :nerd_face:

some people are starting out djing and they may not have the funds to buy everything they need all at once. some may be casual DJs and may not want to invest hundreds in music.

i notice some djs will moan at people who stream and cite the reasons why, but there are many djs in the world who do stream often and dont come on these enthusiasts forums and rave about how well they get on with streaming. they just do it.

me personally, i only stream. i dont have any plans to purchase music. ive had no issues streaming. none. i have all of the streaming sites on the 4+. i also have my own curated music on my internal ssd from over the years (some "vinyl to mp3 " files ripped through winamp, to CDs ripped from fubar) so im good.

i digress, I think if a DJ has most of their music purchased, it is still a good idea to have one service. out of the lot, id pick tidal over amazon (but like i said, i have them all on the 4+).

What do you do when the Streaming service decides to stop supporting DJ equipment? As seen several times already.

What happens to all your playlists? Library organisation? Cue points? Loops?

I appreciate your response. I’ve been DJ’ing for over 40 years and can’t tell you the number of times I hit bumps in the road. I like the streaming service for a back up/safety net but not for the day to day. The Pulse debacle left a huge stain in my opinion even though these news services seem much more stable.

I guess my question is more about function and usability than accessibility to a music inventory.

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Let’s not forget Spotify too, they just decided to pull out of the scene one day… I can see Amazon just as easily doing it.

Plus, doesn’t Amazon have some weird rights thing as well where you can’t play the music in public? Like the license doesn’t apply to public venue?

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I dread to think what clauses there are in there. I connect to the bars wifi with my phone and it’s pretty poor when it’s full of people also connected so I’d hate to think I was relying on that to get through my 4hr set.

As you said above it’s ideal for requests of music you wouldn’t necessarily want to own but every working DJ should have a core library of their own music really, with this as an addition.

I personally don’t want to let it be known I can look up any track, the last song request I got was ‘pretty green eyes’ at 7pm in a trendy Tapas bar whilst people were eating…. That kind of complete lack of ‘read the room’ ability doesn’t need to be given any more ammo to bother the DJ with.

LOL! I agree with you totally. Personally, I always loved the wedding request “The bride wants to hear…”. I would always reply with - sure, just let me check with her first or even better when I show them it’s on her Do Not Play list. The big challenge with requests is the lyrics. There are some lines I will not cross and I play at a very urban bar and they like to push the envelope without care for anything. It’s tough pulling down a rogue track and not knowing what is going to pop up without some song info or preview - hence some of my concern with streaming.

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Yeah I’ve been doing a bit of DJing on our local towns market square on an afternoon… it’s safe to say the hip hop folder isn’t seeing much action on those days :rofl:… like you say a dangerous road to go down with unknown tracks.

Ah well “kids see the Discovery Channel don’t they”. :relieved:


It’s the squares who run events for the council that concern me more than some potty mouth kids :wink:

Except for serato, even on the free version I can make playlist on Beatport.

I agree with your thoughts. I myself use my Live SC4 for family or friends gatherings . Just DJ’ing for fun. I have Amazon and Beatport and i’m very satisfied with those two. I allready mentioned in the update section that i have trouble after the new update 3.2 with playing a playlist from Amazon. Can you verify if you have the same bug? What happens is with the new version is that yopur playlist stops after the first number. You will see it load but it doesn’t play. After downgrade it all works fine again. Let me know if you have the same issues.

There’s nothing weird about it. It’s standard for most sites, and has applied to copyrighted music for many decades.

The physical media of the past (vinyl, CDs etc) actually had the info clearly printed on the product, but now it’s tucked away in the terms and conditions which often don’t get read.

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I think this has already been reported and is a bug. I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere already.

I do not think you read the question correctly.