Prime 4+ and Amazon Music Unlimited

Yeah, I get the small print thing but apparently the Amazon license states you can’t use for public performance. So if I am playing at a bar with a statutory license but Amazon says you can’t use their streamed music… Hence the weird license thing. If you purchase an .mp3, CD, Vinyl etc. you own the license to use the music as you state however you don’t own streamed music - Amazon owns it - do you see the dilemma. Sooner or later BMI etc are going to figure this out and how to charge for the rights to perform in public via a streaming service.

There is no “but”. Those are the normal T&Cs across the board. You can’t use any copyrighted music for public performance.

Even with music that you bought, and/or own a physical copy, you only have the right to listen to it - not to record, broadcast, perform, alter etc.

Historically the copyright notice on physical media stated that “unauthorized” public performance (etc) was prohibited - so if you had authorization you were covered.

However, nowadays that same authorization doesn’t cover streamed music, due to each site saying it’s for personal use only - period.

Strangely Mojaxx covered this in a video (could be the CDJ-3000 and added streaming) and said that ouvlically you can legally stream if you have all necessary licensing in place with the venue the same as playing a physical copy. Beatsource and Beatport also have these terms.

I also thought it wasn’t okay to use publicly but he states that term applies to people who don’t have the appropriate PRS rights (or equivalent).

I’ll try and dig it out but may take time.


The problem is that the PRS/PPL licenses for venues do not cover streaming music. I guess Mojaxx is assuming they do, as they always used to (pre streaming).

Last time I checked though, it was specifically stated on their site that the license doesn’t cover streamed music.

Read this:


Yeah. I know the deal. I must have checked this a thousand times too whenever replying in posts as I don’t want to be that guy giving wrong info out.

I’m just merely stating (from memory) what Mojaxx said re: streaming from Beatsource (not the Amazon quoted here but thought I’d bring up weird licensing quirks for no reason).

Their terms also say you can’t use for public performance, just like any other streaming service that market as professional.

Although as you state some things are black and white some things are just as nebulous. True you can’t use copyrighted material for public performance unless… you, the DJ or the venue holds a statutory license. If you the DJ or venue has a statutory license, you are still required to show proof you obtained the music legally (meaning purchased the license IE music) - this started years ago as you know with the Napster thing.

As I said in my post of earlier this is making it’s way into another money grab for the licensing companies and/or streaming services. We will more than likely be required to purchase a “DJ License” or “Streaming License” or a variation of the current Jukebox License in addition to what is already paid. They will probably dig up Lars Ulrich to lead the campaign.

can’t worry about things i can’t control mate. for now its not. and im not having any issues

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