Prime 2 crossfader not working as it was

I just got my Prime 2 back from repairs due to a broken jogwheel and I am noticing that the crossfader isn’t working as it was. Did the latest updates change anything with the crossfader?

On the front I have the through buttons set as 1 on the left and 2 set on the right with both upfaders at the top, using the crossfader to mix does nothing now.

I have updated firmware to the latest version.

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Maybe they forgot to connect the crossfader before putting it back… Take the cap of the fader, unscrew the crosfader plate and check if the wire is connected, 5min job.

I managed to open the crossfader up an it is connected to the wire but the thru buttons don’t work still.

What’s the status of the crossfader in the setup menu? On or off?

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What version (and build) is the unit running on?


I assume off seeing as it does not show on the drop down menu with quantize, continue and FX. I don’t know how you enable/disable the crossfader in settings


Engine OS 2.1.1

Right display: version 00.38, Controller: version 00.79, display: version 00.38

I think you hold the view button down and a menu pops up with the option to enable/disable the fader? I haven’t got mine on hand to test it atm.

My dropdown doesn’t show the crossfader option. Only shows quantize, continue and FX

Have you done a search on here for Crossfader? I’m sure there is a thread about how to see it.

Yes, Searched on here and youtube for any answers.

Found it, you swipe down from the main screen and there is a crossfader button to activate or deactivate.

If you mean the menu with quantize, continue and FX, I know about that but mine doesn’t show the crossfader option. I will just have to get it repaired again but thanks for the help anyway.

Ohh ok, yeah that doesn’t sound right, have you tried re-installing the firmware?

Like you say though it may need another repair.

Same here. The control center on my Prime 2 (v2.1.1) has just 3 options: Quantize, Continue and FX. Fortunately, I do not use the crossfader. But it’s strange…

Same here now, I didn’t update to 2.1.1 until this morning, now the crossfader just does nothing, and the assign buttons have no impact.

I have downgraded to two previous firmware versions and my crossfader/thru buttons still don’t work.

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I don’t use it myself but one of the lads who I DJ with does so it’s an issue. Hopefully they know about it and are doing something about it.


Are you able to pass this on to devs and confirm if this is an issue with the firmware?

This fella also had the same issue but managed to get his sorted.

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Could do with some word from Denon on this one to see if they have a fix planned. I’m not backwards installing firmware in the hope it resolves.

I translated this guy’s French post and he also has no xfader/crossfader option with the new 2.1.1 update either.

Hello, I have updated to 2.1.1 in wifi. Since x fader not found in the menu I can no longer activate it …! He walked before 2.0.2. Still the master button problem that crashes and slams … brand new device. I’ve had it up to here.!

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