Power Button not workin

HI, After 2 weeks , the power button stopped working. Pushing the button on/off does not make any difference it always stays on. The only way to shutdown the power is to take the power ac out of the outlet. Has anyone experienced the same ? Any fix ? Thank you

It’s one of the known defects on the unit, that on/off switch goes bad quickly. But was was the point of your post? There is only one fix: service the unit and replace the faulty switch.

Probably, going by other old threads, it’s the only remaining hardware one, on any 8000 with its screen chips changed out to prevent the freezing.

My point is to know, if beside the obvious to returning the unit and waiting a couple of weeks to have it back it there is another way to fix it. From what I read in other posts it has nothing to do with the switch, but with the hardware itself… Thanks anyway.