Power button failed!

so as above really bizarre did 3 gigs this weekend fri & sat with no issue, got to my gig sunday plugged in the mcx and the power came straight on, the switch seems to be working fine latching on & off etc, but the mcx stays permanently powered. i’m not to bothered about it, but should get it looked at for piece of mind. but with denon’s incredibly slow service i can’t be without it for more than a couple of weeks. i’ve seen one other post with this issue surely there must be more, have you had yours repaired?

just found out also my MCX is out of warranty by 14 days, so i am now waiting to hear back from denon

It has been reported before. It’s not a fault with the switch itself but another component. I have read of several users also having this issue so hopefully Denon will repair it as a goodwill gesture.

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i’m hoping so, the retailer i purchased from just pushed me in denons direction with no intention of helping, if i was 6months out of warranty i would of understood, but within 2 weeks they could of said yes we’ll have a word. my only worry is i’ll be without the unit for 6+ weeks as other have reported and with a very busy wedding season looming i just can’t be without it that long.

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as i use this mobile the power bar isn’t a problem i only use 4 or 5 hours at a time, however if something has failed my concern is if it was to fail completely rendering the unit dead until a repair can be done, as it’s so close to warranty end i’ll either get denon to supply parts and get a local repair guy to fit them or get them to repair (if it’s as a gesture of good will) and not an excessive repair time.

well it turns out even with the power switch being a common issue on the mcx-8000 denon still want to charge me for the repair, which i think is outrageous, even if the unit is out of warranty but only by 2 weeks, how many more will have the switch fail, only to be charged by denon for the repair, and at £15 plus vat per 30 mins, plus £10 plus vat return postage, plus parts, it’s likely to be close to £100 for the repair. and god knows how long for them to fix it.

It is a known defect so you could try negotiating with them.

i have replied to them stating i know it’s a known fault and a repair as a ‘gesture of good will’ is the least denon could offer in this instance, i will prob now have to wait another 72 hours for a reply. failing that i will seek legal advice as this could render the product unfit for purpose, now they know about this problem denon ‘should’ do a product recall, but i doubt that will happen.

who gave you the idea of 6+ weeks? I’ve got a half dozen Denon items which my guys take out to gigs and Ive had to send two of them back to Denon since christmas. both were back to me within 2 weeks.

Cant say anything about the power switch as mine havent given me any trouble but anything that moves can go wrong so not really worth anyone scare-mongering or sensationalising it up as any sort of design fault or defect or end of the world thing really. things that move can go wrong more often than things that dont.

6+ weeks is stated on another post on here with same issue, anyhow had a bit of good news denon have now agreed to fix it for me as it’s within a couple of weeks of warranty ending, they said if it was a month over they wouldn’t have done it. they have quoted me 1-2 weeks for repair so fingers crossed it’s only the switch or something easy to fix.

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Just a quick note here. The turnaround time changes considerably through the year.

In the UK repair centre, who I’ve just wandered down to see, the current turnaround time is under two weeks assuming parts are in stock for any given repair.

There are seasonal highs - for example “Drinks spills” related repairs could flood the repairs team just after the Christmas Party Season causing turnaround times to lengthen, indeed December often sees more parties in 30 days than some DJs and their gear, sees for the other 11 months of the year.

Similarly, the summer season, with its outdoor gigs, weddings, pool parties etc heightens the number of occasions that gear is out and about, near dancers waving “nearly empty” drinks glasses around near gear.

Very reassuringly, we also get surges in repairs a month or so BEFORE the beginning of the Christmas Party and Summer seasons… This is when the responsible pubs, bars, clubs, and DJs think “I’d better get my backup gear sorted before the busy season starts”.

Whilst writing, the “MCX8000 power switch wont switch off the unit” isnt a high re-occuring issue at all. The UK centre have seen just four of these since the launch of the MCX. The switch doesn’t connect/disconnect any operating voltage, it simply sends a “Power down” signal pulse to the main circuit board when pushed.