📊 Poll | Is anyone using the Slicer pad mode?

I feel like in order to use this feature I’d have to sit down with a track and find all the appropriate parts of song to apply it to because you want clean slices. This is not something you really want to use on the fly without knowing what the results will be beforehand. I believe the reason why more people are gonna say no is because they’re not getting clean slices when using it.

I only improvise with this, never think too much on the result. When I hear a good part, I jump on with the slicer. Some tracks I do pre-planed - I just set a loop in that region and save it for later use on the prime decks. But I have maybe 20 tracks pre-planned for this. Rest is always improvised - just need to feel it…

If we had to lose this feature, it would be a good to have roll option inside a loop, to compensate for this…

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I should use it more often. Allthrough I’m using the SC6000’s for 6 months now I’m still stuck in my Turntable DVS mix routines (manual beatmatching, record to record)

i do use it sometimes but i can never seem to press at the right time haha more practice on my part i guess but denon make a dam sampler come on enough people have asked for this

If the slicer remembered the pattern and could recall it like a saved loop then it would be more useful.

I think getting rid of it would be harsh but having an option in setup to relegate it to a shift button and have another “main” feature available would be cool.


Never used it. I don’t even use the hot cues or loop buttons. (I use auto loop) I’m still hoping MIK add auto hot cues for Engine DJ.

What’s up @JWiLL,

It would be great to somehow trigger a bank of samples. DJ’s can assign a Drop (“DJ Mixlive in the Mix on 102.5 FM”) or Effect (i.e. Airhorn) to each button and trigger them during their set.


Can’t one make a track with 8 go to samples assign hot cues to them and then trigger them from the second layer?


What’s up @Wyley1 Thank can work as a band aid, but doesn’t work well as a permanent solution. It would be better to have a dedicated solution.

Dedicated solutions exist - we call them samplers.


But would you not need to reload them on every reboot?? Not sure prime units will be able to store them.

A made track with set hotcues is far easier imo. Just like setting your fav scratch samples from a scratch bank

Still not my thing.

Keep slicer and make another secondary button!

It’s good idea theoretically but the reality is the players don’t have the hardware infrastructure to make any form of sampling the best it could be. Most of the action would have to be done via touchscreen because the only thing the deck can do is launch the samples from the pads. Take a look at how dedicated samplers work and then look at your Denon deck or all in one and ask if the deck can actually do it without going adhoc.

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Not sure of the capabilities of the players but here’s what I see in theory:

  • Samples will come from files stored on a drive (Hard Drive, USB, SD)
  • User assigns stored samples to pads and save their changes to their User Profile
  • Saved sample preferences would then be recalled when User Profile is loaded from drive.
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Then samples need to be stored in ram for instand playback…

That’s not currently the case with SC and Prime 4 User Profile preferences (Logos, Layer Colors, etc.) and I don’t think Serato Samples are RAM dependent.

Here we go again, this convo gets brought up so much - Any plans for a DJS1000 style sampler

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I have folder called battles samples. In there I have a good portion of tracks with multiple samples spaced out and in the same key marked with hotcues. That way I can change the key to match the mix. Some are set up for certain bpms and other things also.

I have no problem going in there to load them. The only thing is you can’t swap out slots but only load different tracks and it takes up a layer also.

Having samples preloaded without giving up a layer will require resources.

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initially, the slicer function always worked in the sampler. DJ chooses a place in the track for the breakdown, he can choose the size of the cut grid, or set each slice manually. Then, save the parts that you liked to the sampler slot.

The sampler can be separate for each track. This means that when you load tracks into the deck, the slice mode will have the sounds that you have cut in advance.

In the Tractor in the S8 model, there was a function when you can select a loop in the track and save it to the remix deck, it was implemented extremely poorly, but the idea was OK.

My main idea is to be able to fill the rhythm on top of the track from the samples of the track itself. You know, you can cut out words, sounds “a”, “y” or notes of an instrument, as scratch DJs often do, put reverb or delay on top and play in slicer mode on top of the mix. Personally, I would use this , cause the current implementation of the slicer in other dj products is a stupid thing that has no practical application

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Sampler is a nice-to but not must-to-have for me personally, as I can do a rather simple workaround with custom tracks + 8 Hot cues. Imagine 4 tracks (acting as your 4 banks) á 8 Hot-Cues (8 Samples), placed on the very top of your playlists/folders, where you can access and swap them quickly. These Hot Cues can also be labeled in Engine Desktop, sooo… there is pretty much everything we need.

In other words, if we can pick multiple solutions, I wouldn’t mind a Sampler as pad mode at all, but if it’s only one, I would rather go for Pitch/Key play instead, as this is really fun and also much easier for shifting the key than via the touchscreen. Correlates with: https://community.enginedj.com/t/extended-key-shifting/38224/

What if we could have all the pad options like there are on the DJM-S11? We have 4 buttons for pad modes like on S11, so another 4 modes with shift would be cool. Sampler, scratch bank, roll, hot cues, loops, Slicer, Flip, Pitch play…?