Pls Help! Firmware update to 2.0.2 stuck. What now?

Hi all My controller remains frozen displaying this screen. What to do now without killing my P4??! However the jogwheels are still running their “Breathing light Scenery” so the device is not fully stuck.

I started the FW update process OTA via WiFi.16368981882307052897286617641045|281x500

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That’s not the OTA screen. That’s for use when using the update software on your computer. It’s waiting for a response from the computer.

You need to go here Desktop and OS Downloads + Manuals | Engine DJ

Select the Prime 4 from the right hand side (OS) and choose ‘Download for Windows’.

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OK…thanks for this hint. I will try to complete the FW Update by my PC as being the Host. However I definitely started The OTA Process on the P4 by accepting the “Update now?” Screen on the P4. Let’s see…no risk-no fun!

OK…the firmware update worked just fine using my PC. Again, I definitely triggered the OTA Update and as being an embedded system programmer I know what a crashed flash process might cause on a MCU based device. So please understand my panic :slight_smile: @PKtheDJ: THANKS for your immediate help @DenonDJ: Maybe a more verbose splash screen would help displaying something like “Waiting for PC to conntect” or alike…

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