Please, InMusic: allow to connect a Prime GO with an MPC Live 2

The connection between these two devices would fulfill the hottest dreams of DJing: to have a super-portable setup, battery powered, that allows to dj songs (prime go) while spicing them with own-created sounds, rhythms and melodies (mpc live 2).

However, there are currently some drawbacks that prevent the connection between the two devices to be a usable solution:

  • First, the ability to cue (or pre-listen, or PFL) the MPC Live from the Prime GO: currently it’s not possible, in order to hear (pre-listen) what’s playing in the MPC, one needs to take off the headphones connected to the prime GO, and put on another set of headphones connected to the MPC.
  • Second, the ability to record the mix from the Prime GO that includes the sounds coming the MPC Live. Currently not possible.
  • Third, sync between two devices: I do not own an MPC Live 2, but AFAIK there should be no problem by syncing them via Ableton Link. So this is currently possible.
  • Finally, it would be so great to be able to apply the Prime GO effects on the MPC, as if it were connected to an input channel of a usual mixer, and apply the effects on that channel. Currently not possible.

If InMusic / DenonDJ /whoever launches some way to properly connect these two devices, or launches new equipment with all these features integrated in a single super-portable device, I am ALL IN to it!!

You know that You can connect the mpc via aux input? Only downside is, that aux is router physically directly to master. So no software update can fix that.

Yes I know, in fact I tried my best to connect an external drum machine / groovebox to the Prime GO (as you can see here: Show your home DJ booth - #399 by ElTitoFranki), but I had to solder wires, all the cable connections are quite messy and all the process is tedious to say the least. My solution is “functional”, but it is not so fun to use as if there was an easy way to directly connect an external gear to the Prime GO.

Prime go was designed to be a portable dual deck device with some small extras. So of course some things had to be cut down. If You need more connectivity, maybe Better to go with Prime 2?

Well, portability and the battery are a must for me :frowning:

However, I already owned I Prime 4 and I was very disappointed with the fact that there is no possiblity to apply effects on external devices (connected to any of the Prime 4 channels).

The Prime GO as it is now, with the only extra to add a “cue” button to the mic, would solve many issues, so please InMusic take note for a future Prime GO+ or Prime GO 2 :wink: