Please fix SoundCloud access

Clearly this is a common problem and needs a fix.

It was fixed.

The only question is why didn’t you bother to use search before opening a new topic with a vague title and zero info what is the issue and what did you do so far to troublehoot it? Your time is more precious then other people’s time?

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Double posted here:

Cannot connect to SoundCloud on Prime Go - Engine DJ Hardware / Standalone Controllers - Engine DJ Community

So factory reset didn’t work? Which firmware version runs on the device?

Outside of your prick attitude, it is not fixed and I can’t log in to SoundCloud after trying all searchable workarounds. So. ■■■?

Factory Reset does not fix the problem with no usb inserted. Also running latest firmware update.

Another 2 posts wasted by you along with our time and we still do not know:

  • what device you have (we can only guess it’s a Prime Go based on you posting also in that topic) and what SC account you have
  • what exactly is the error message you are getting or detailed description of the process you went through when trying to add your SoundCloud account
  • also zero info about context (bought a second hand unit or a new one, do other streaming services work, etc etc)

…so this topic tells a lot about you and less about me. I could come up with a few words but I’ll leave for others to describe you based on this…

Btw, lucky for you, this prick has a helpful side also. Or so I’ve been told. So if I were you I would do the following (after making sure you have an active and not expired SC Go+ or SC DJ account):

  • re-flash the firmware but using usb cable + computer to make sure firmware is correctly applied
  • after that try once again the “factory reset” option to clear any existing login data
  • if still the issue persist open a support ticket and try catching someone from support on chat (don’t bother waiting on reply on the ticket) during the business hours of US inMusic

Good luck!