Played Tracks Not Showing Green

After updating to V2.0. and now 2.1, the first time I play anything through my internal HD, tracks show up green after being played, but about the 2nd or 3rd time I start the Prime 2, nothing shows up as green! What in the world is going on? Things I’ve tried:

  1. Rolling back and forward from firmware
  2. Re-analyzing everything and syncing
  3. Re-importing specific playlists for testing purpose

this is completely random, and it’s not song-specific. Some songs what would turn green, don’t the next time I play them when I turn off/on the unit.


Is this the same issue as here?

Pretty much yes, but not for the history lists. It happens(ed) on every playlist I had.
I just fixed it by:

  1. connecting my Prime 2 to the computer
  2. Removing the whole database from the folder view of my internal HD on Prime 2 inside of Windows
  3. Re-importing/re-building the whole database from scratch (Sync Manager to a fresh/new Prime 2 drive)

Problem solved. I think this coud bahe happened due to me updating from 1.6.1 to 2.0.0, then reverting back to 1.6.1, then updating to 2.0.1. Soething was “stuck”.

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