History lists do not indicate played track status (Green highlight)

Hello … New Update SC6000 (2.1.0.) And the songs that have already been played are still not highlighted in green ? When will that be fixed ?

Could you show a video of this happening?

If you drag a song into the player in version 1.6.2, the title will be displayed green after about 45sec so that you know that you have already played this song. Starting with version 2.0, this setting is missing

Hey @EMTEE - Happy to look into this. Can you share a video so we can take a closer look together?

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This is still an issue? I can confirm this stopped working since the 1.6.2 The solution for me was to move to just playlists as those work fine letting you know the tracks have been played in green. This is also better as it displays the BPM.

Played track color change is working as expected here. Tracks that have been played for 30sec will be marked in green.

SC6000 v2.1.0 https://numark-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/jstout_inmusicbrands_com/ERw7gMNanV1Gv8SIgSexTRkBzuQywusddzuEh5k3hwZ19Q?e=Rth0TV

@JWiLL I think the issue is present within the History lists

Thanks for the additional info. If a track is listed in History it means that it has been played for more than 30sec, so it wouldn’t need to visually stand out from the other tracks since all tracks in the history list have been played.

Just curious, why you want the additional color change in the History list?

@JWiLL I just responded to clarify, but it’s something I’d like to see fixed as well. What you say is absolute true for the current created History (and there is no need for green played state), but not correct for older history lists in the same history area.

My personal user case does not concern the current history, but the previous history sets. I use old history lists in current sets as a reference and up to 1.6 you could see in these lists what was and was not played from that list. This played state is now gone in all history lists.

Also, besides history, in files play state does not toggle to green and in streaming services (tested Tidal and Beatport) you have to manually reload the playlist by selecting another list first to see the play state correct.


Hi, i have just updated to the 2.1 on my primego, my prime4 is still on 1.62 because these new versions i dont have faith in in the club.

on the primego the colour doesnt change on a played track now to green like it used to in the history list, it only does in a playlist, and also after i load a track from a history list it jumps back to the top of the list, really? why would i want to search down the list again for where i was upto in my history list?

yet even longer to wait now before i can update my prime4 as this isnt good

Mine still change. I think it was about 30 seconds into a song it would go green. I just tested my prime go after the new update one was 45 seconds another was at the 1 min mark and the other was about 1:30 into the song. So it’s definitely all over the map on when it does go green. Until it’s fixed just try to remember what you played just like the good old days of cds lol :laughing:

My memory isn’t as good as it was 20 years ago when I used cds! And it deffo changes on the history list? Mine only changed green on the playlist list :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve updated the topic title to better reflect the conversation and merged with a similar thread.

This may be by design, but I will look into it with the team. Thank you for the feedback.

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All I want is that the history list changes green as well as the playlists do when I’ve played a song. Like it used to on the previous 1.6.x versions. Also, once I’ve loaded a track from history list, I don’t want it to jump back to the top of that history list. Total ballache. So I will just keep updating and rolling back to previous versions until it’s all sorted.

Thanks Nick

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Because I use the history list from the previous weeks to load the songs as if I search for a song it takes over 3 minutes to come up with the search results.

I would also like that

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