Platters keep moving even when paused

Brand new sc5000m’s/x1800 and I’ve had a few issues so far my biggest ine being that when I pause the deck it will slow down like normal but once it comes to a stop it will stutter back and forth and nothing I do fixes it everytime, sometimes if I turn the motor off then on and pause and play it will fix it but that doesnt work everytime. I have a video of this happening if it would be useful for anybody

Is this what you are talking about?

I can concur that this also happens with mine,all be it very slight and i only took delivery of them on Friday of last week.

Now to be fair, mines are currently sitting on a work area that wouldn’t be the most stable and this perhaps is affecting mine but i was also thinking that it could be down to the weight of the platter.

This seems like a motor issue or something to that extent… it def doesnt need to be happening…

It’s emulating vinyl, so to me it sounds like expected behavior.

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Here check this out

Ok I understand now. That is not normal behaviour. Take it back.

Yeah deffo something not right at all there with that player mate neither of my pair behave like that so just ring them up,return it get it fixed replacement unit if need be because that is just a fault with that particular unit and when you get it sorted you’ll be glad you did because they really are awesome decks.

Ok, my players are definitely not like that.