5000m - when stopping the platter, it still moves a little (which makes noise)

Wasn’t it the same behaviour of the Rane 12 when released? Right now I am not sure how they fixed it. If it was by Firmware or Hardware maintenance… I am lazy to search for as I don’t own both Units…

Think the Twelves were spinning like a fan and owners had to send them in for the “update”

Some people will to say pain to any thing.

May be an menu option to say “mute audio when the playback is he off” but this will be stopping to the users who want to scratch with he motor off

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Just got my 5000Ms tonight and I noticed the same thing right away. It would be nice if in a software update the player can mute for like a second after playback is stopped, allowing the platter to come to a complete rest. It makes a ridiculous bit distortion sound. These are my first motorized platters ever, so it might just not work with my mixing style. I might try and swap them out for the standard 5000s.

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Hello, this is my first post greetings all.

I notice this too. If you turn the motor off before you press play/pause then you’ll be ok.

Moving very slightly back seems to be a property of direct drives. It is normal behavior but only very slightly. Maybe levelling them would help so I’ll try that and see.

So Far I think Denon did great with 5KM.

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I have the same issue. The only problem I have is the slight scratching type sound as it goes backwards at the end of the slow down/stop then the forward correction sound (kind of a wobble). I hope this can be tightened up (programming wise I assume).

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Yeah, either turn the motor off and use it in jog mode or just grab the record or platter to stop it instantly.

I’ve noticed something about this forum, if you don’t include how you’re otherwise happy with your Denon product when bringing light to a problem some people on this forum get upset and hostile. :wink:

With that said i would also like to point out that i am happy with my SC5000M and the X1800 mixer other than the fact that i have the same problem that the platter moves counterclockwise a couple of millimeter after pausing playback.

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That’s not true. It’s a mirror effect when posting “upset and hostile”.

Problem is that new forum users enlist to complain because of a “big” problem (hence the enlistment, of course) by using mostly capital letters and words like: must, need, have to, etc. Yes. Then you could get some annoyed replies back.

@Wyley1 posted in a normal way and is a respected forum user ever since, like yourself.


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Ofc you wouldn’t see this from where you are standing, the people who take it upon themselves to protect big companies mediocre products are everywhere. I am not only talking about people on this forum, the same goes for people who defend triple A gaming companies immoral practices like lootboxes.

People aren’t making posts bringing light to these issues to annoy “the veterans” or to needlessly poop on the products, they want a product that is working as intended, with the functionality that is advertised and expected. The hostile nature of some old time posters is a deterrent to new users. You surely can’t deny the fact that you have to include that you’re happy with the product in order to not get shut down.

That said, i am still very happy with the product i bought. But Denon (triggerwarning) must, need, have to fix the issues members bring up, how else would the product be improved? Its in everyone’s best interest, both for the company and the consumers.

Apart from hijacking this topic, I will say this again to you like before: We’ve alle been there. We’ve all paid these devices. We’re all still here. We all chipped in. We all take setbacks. To much, I know…

You’re certainly right that these devices need to be top notch. Perhaps from the beginning? Arguably yes.

Believe me, I’ve complaint a lot. Directly to staff members, no sweat. Don’t accuse me of protecting big companies… then you still know NOTHING (capital letters for you :grimacing:) about me.

I don’t want to buy new stuff every year. I made a commitment after investing in these products. I’m here for the long run. Are you? Or are you going to switch in December?

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Don’t worry chief, feel free share your positive and negative criticism.

Feel free to ignore any comment by a very small minority of “veterans” who will make smart comments.

As long as its not an official denon staff / team member shutting you down you are good. You will notice them with InMusic/DenonDJ/Air in their handles.

Most folks are good peoples, with the common goal of helping to improve the entire Prime line.

I also felt like calling it in, but my Denon set up is not mission critical - I use anything placed in front of me - I guess I’m indifferent to the progress or slow pace of it.

If the whole thing tanks, sure I will be left with worthless non collectible items but Denon has much more to lose if sales don’t go to plan. I’m hoping it does not.

They got much more at stake and I m hoping the Prime series is a major success in terms of sales and use.

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Ofc i am invested in the products i bought, which is why i am on this forum. Why would i switch in December? Is Pioneer stepping up their media player game and lowering their insane prices? I wouldn’t unless they bring something more intuitive than the SC5000M’s to the table.
I still haven’t dared tagged the Denon staff directly in hopes of having my questions answered, i feel that the lash back from the veterans would be too severe.

Staying on topic: Did we ever get a response from the Staff if the jogwheel going in reverse after stopping is intended? If they are aware of this happening on their motors? If its an acceptable biproduct of the motors?

Btw do you know if there is any way to remove the aluminium platter from the player once its mounted on the player? I can feel there is more resistance when spinning the platter on the unit that doesn’t have this problem. The unit that goes counterclockwise when stopping has less natural resistance when spinning the platter. Just want to check if i mounted it correctly.

December are rumors, but it’s been 3 years for the other big company.

Normally staff do enough participation on the forum, but specific questions you can always try to DM or tag. I don’t feel like they are way on top of the stairs.

I recall a response, but that could be in my mind so I would need to search…

I don’t own an M, but I guess you don’t mean the tension of the vinyl/slipmat? The platter itself is simply put on the central spindle while matching the small holes in the base. No adjustment can be made there, I think. The only thing you can adjust is the vinyl mounting (loose or tight).

Did you buy them already assembled?

Nah i mean the aluminium platter, once its on there it seems like it cant be removed. Might be for the better, don’t want to tinker with it too much. Just wanted to know if there was any adjustments that could be made to the tension since it seems to be looser on the player that suffers from the problem discussed in this thread.

Perhaps someone with an M can confirm, but I think you should be able to lift the alu-platter using your thumbs on the spindle while lifting with your index fingers using the holes. (this sounds weird…LOL).

On an SL1210 I did it the same way, but it takes a little force indeed.

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Why did you move this conversation into this thread instead of continuing it in the one you started where it was already determined that 1) the motor doesn’t go in reverse when you hit pause, 2) cue does indeed stop the audio, and 3) that our platters are either not level or have slight imbalanced distribution of mass? That’s important information you seem to be avoiding by jumping into this older one.

That doesn’t sound normal. Curious as to why that unit might have more resistance. Maybe that’s the uncommon defect that’s giving you the outlier that doesn’t seem to rotate back a little. If the motor and platters are not perfectly balanced (either by design or by user leveling) or the magnet is rotating back to align to a certain angle but one of the platters is not rotating as freely as it should, you might not get the common wobble quirk on that one. Is that one making any funny electrical smells or getting hotter than the more free-moving platter when it’s been running? Any rubbing sounds?

And this is exactly the kind of response from i was referring to further up in the thread.

  1. the motor goes backwards as it stops, why are you so hung up on using the word reverse when describing this problem? The platter does move backwards.

  2. The problem discussed is not related to the que button, it is related to the motor going the opposite way after the platter has completely stopped when pausing. I have showed you about 10 videos showing this problem and you still seem to avoid acknowledging this is an issue.

  3. I have already confirmed that the player is on a levelled surface. And that it has nothing to do with imbalanced distribution of weight, since i can hold the entire player at an angle, stop the playback and the platter still goes the opposite way regardless of where the weight of the platter is. If you want i could record yet another video of this so you can be absolutely sure i am not lying to you.

  4. you seem to hold on to the theory that it is the player that is functioning as the players should that is the faulty one. That is not the case. The tension is just fine, its just that it has a slight, tiny bit more resistance when spinning the platter manually.

  5. chill out a bit.

If you want any more videos displaying the problem let me know and i will upload it. <3

I’ll let the players run for a while and smell them and touch them and get back to you.

Both platters are rotating as freely as they should, but i can feel a tiny bit less resistance on the unit that moves after pausing.

Edit: I just want to make it clear that i am very happy with my purchase and i am invested in keeping these players, i just want to work out if the platter movement is something that can be fixed or if i should return the unit in the hopes of getting one that doesn’t have problems with platter movement after the platter has come to a complete stop. I did buy an extended 6 year warranty at the retailer so if something is not working as it should i’d rather get a fully functional unit. (But i am happy with my purchase otherwise, i am a big fan of Denons products)