5000m - when stopping the platter, it still moves a little (which makes noise)

Hi there, just a question, when you press the main ‘pause/play’ button to stop the platter suddenly , how do you make it stop immediately and not move a little bit (which makes noise) because its still moving slightly for 1 second. Before on my CDJ’s i would press stop and the music would just stop. Does anyone else’s platter move just a tiny bit after pause/play is hit to make the music stop?


That platter has inertia, so it can’t stop instantaneously. All part of the real vinyl deal.

Find out what works for you. Play with this knob or turn off motor:


Or you should have bought the SC5000 without the M, I guess.


True, that’s the first thing you would try :wink:

I also noticed it as well.

It has nothing to do with stop time knob

the platter stops but moves a tiny bit in the opposite direction after stopping.

happens with both the fast and slow stop time.


Like on a Technics, but not adjustable?

Would it be better, like Airvince suggested, when screwing on the platter to have more tension? (But than losing scratch momentum)

My actual ‘real vinyl’ doesn’t do this though (1210’s).

On a Technics you had a potentio meter underneath the platter to adjust the stop. The SL came standard with the thick rubber mat, so when using a light slipmat one would always needed to adjust the stop to make it a real dead-stop.

I don’t understand the comparison you initially made about the SC5000M and a CDJ. There is no Pioneer with a moving platter. So, if you want the Pioneer stop, just turn off the motor of the platter. Or you should have gone with the SC5000 which resembles the CDJ platter more.

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I’m not sure I understand what exactly you are experiencing with the SC5000M. But no record player ever made can stop as fast as a CDJ or SC5000 - in 1 sample (1/96000 sec).

You have a knob to the right of the jogs that controls the stop speed of each platter. Make sure it’s all the way to the left to stop the platter instantly. Sorry if you already knew about that knob but thought it was possible you might have overlooked it!

Apologies I didn’t notice this was for the M and then they have to approve comments before they post so I couldn’t just quickly fix. :yum:

I understand you Fresh as having the same issue I have noticed this with both my 5000ms the platter stops but then creeps backwards a little?? creating a bit of spin back, my sc3900s never done this and neither do my technics 1210`s…not at all. I have also noticed if I hold the vinyl and press play but do not allow the vinyl to move the decks will play the start of the loaded track, about 1 beat of a bar only but still not right they should play any of the tune at all if the vinyl has not been allowed to move. I like these decks but they definitely have some issues


That’s the exact behaviour I am getting as well.

A spin back after the platter has “stopped” moving

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I have never experienced this behaviour on any other media players with vinyl emulation, although it is not correct or normal, I could say real vinyl would only do this if there was a platter issue. It is not software as far as the pull back goes I can actually see the platter stop then move backwards just that little bit. Which is exactly what Fresh is describing… The other bit I mention about the music playing 1beat of a bar even though I am holding the vinyl so nothing should play is a separate issue I should make Denon aware of TBH.

JonnyXDA , JonnyXDA - i’ll be honest, I joined up to this forum as someone who a) considers themselves a musician wanting to be a part of a wider community b) thinking this was a place where we could discuss our feelings about a relevant product without being called names for doing so. After reading your reply, calling me a ‘muppet’, I didn’t return to the forum. Then I saw that others were here experiencing my issue and I saw your comment has been flagged by others, I decided to sign in again. Your argument regarding it being a mechanical device and all ‘why something can’t stop instantaneously - oh wait that would be simple physics’ - well, my blender can stop instantaneously, my tapes and cassettes can too when in FFWD, and so can my record player. That’s enough time wasted on you though.

To the others, thanks for speaking up - If you’re considering this a turn off from buying this, don’t it doesnt ‘ruin’ my experience, BUT, if I had paid 1,599GBP for a media player that did that, i’d be annoyed - at the 1099 UK price, its fine. I love these things, and I have never been more excited to play these. As DJCity said in his video review of these, they make you want to play or dj. Great stuff.

At the moment i’m really enjoying the line of beat pads at the bottom juxtaposed with the moving platter. Sooooo much fun!

It would be interesting to hear if this is an issue or something DENON are aware of when making it, or any tips on reducing the reverse spin that we are experiencing. Thanks for useful the replies, i’m back :slight_smile:


I am sure Denon are aware.

I wont be getting shot of my 5000ms over this small issue and the issue they dont get all the bpm detection right does not bother me either, Reckordbox is not perfect at bpm detection & the fact Denon dropped its UK price is annoying for many I have no doubt but the fact Denon is cheaper is not a bad thing & it is the only reason I could buy them. Nexus2,lovely but just too pricey for what these 5000ms can do to. When I ordered they where at £1549 but was fortunate that Guilford light and sound past on the saving and only charged me £1099 per deck.

I would have been £900 worse off but still happy, and for those that paid the £1549 on the standard 5000 you can`t compare the market at the time…that’s just jealousy talking.

You dont buy a new car then moan its lost money the second you drive it??? Or do you?? (aimed at no one by the way)

For all the gripes and minor issues they are great fun, although the platter moving backwards slightly when stopped is most likely be here to stay, it`s an observation more than issue for me.


Wasn’t it the same behaviour of the Rane 12 when released? Right now I am not sure how they fixed it. If it was by Firmware or Hardware maintenance… I am lazy to search for as I don’t own both Units…

Think the Twelves were spinning like a fan and owners had to send them in for the “update”

Some people will to say pain to any thing.

May be an menu option to say “mute audio when the playback is he off” but this will be stopping to the users who want to scratch with he motor off

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Just got my 5000Ms tonight and I noticed the same thing right away. It would be nice if in a software update the player can mute for like a second after playback is stopped, allowing the platter to come to a complete rest. It makes a ridiculous bit distortion sound. These are my first motorized platters ever, so it might just not work with my mixing style. I might try and swap them out for the standard 5000s.

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